Wednesday, September 30, 2015

KARA 4th JAPAN TOUR 2015 KARASIA ended in great success

KARA 4th Japan Tour 'KARASIA' has ended in great success.

According the agency DSP Media, KARA has conducted a 'KARA 4th JAPAN TOUR 2015 KARASIA' starting early this month in Osaka. After Osaka, including 7 cities in Japan such as Nagoya, Hiroshima, Tokyo and more attended by 35,000 fans in total 13 concerts.

The concert filled with KARA's colorful charms also solo stages as well. They sing 'Mr.', 'Jet Coaster Love', 'Go Go Summer' and songs from their 2nd single album 'Summergic' and 'Sunshine Miracle' that released last May. Hara also performed her solo song such as 'Choco Chip Cookies' featuring one of the member of KARA.

KARA's members share their thoughts about this concert, "This is a miracle that we were able to do this tour. It's all happen because of fans. In particular, we're glad to be able to share our feelings directly with fans and seeing their faces closer from the stage through this tour."

Youngji added, "Please always love KARA. I'm watching the fans as well, so please don't go anywhere."

Meanwhile, KARA who successfully complete the Japan tour is going to work in variety of fields, including individual activities and also preparing for future activities.

Source: My Daily

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