Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lovelyz Jisoo talks about her hard time + members thought about comeback as 8 in the latest interview

Lovelyz finally to make a comeback with full 8 members after a year since their debut. Let's take a look of their interview with Herald Pop!

Q: Is it hard to handle all the problem?

Jisoo, "It's a lie if I say it's not hard. However, the members are more suffered than me. I was preparing for debut showcase the day before and something bad happened, so I can't make it. Because of bad thing happened suddenly, members are more suffered than me. They changed the parts of our performance right away. I was so sorry. I know that we're working hard together, because of that I feel so bad."

Q: After the incident, we know that Jisoo is back living together with the members. How is it?

BabySoul, "Until now Jisoo is still the brightest friend in the practice room. Basically, she's full of energy and always laugh but that incident happened and caused a lot of worry. Even after time has passed, I think the hurt feelings will not dissapear. Rather than think of our difficult time, we're just show our hard work through Lovelyz. Thanks to Jisoo."

Q: Is the bright appearance your way for caring the members?

Jisoo, "Somehow, it was hard even to talk with each other. Expect of me, of course the members are tired after busy schedules. I don't think of how big the difficult is. The members are particularly suffered because of me. I thought it would not be good for the members because they're going through a hard time. So I intentionally brightly cheer on the members."

Q: Is there any special support from the fans?

Jisoo, "Many of them gave their heart and cheer on me. I also received a lot of letters. In fact, it's hurt to see all the love that they gave to me. Because I have not given anything to them. I think because of that the fans and the artist are getting closer. I was so sorry for not yet giving anything to them. One day I will return all the love for those who always there for me."

Q: Any problems when you decided to re-joining with the members?

Jisoo, "Lovelyz already released two albums and standing in front of people. I think of the time when I couldn't with them. So, in an effort to overcome, I'm trying my best to put more power and show a bright and good look."

Q: Tell us what do you think about Lovelyz as a complete now?

Jin, "I was filled Jisoo's part while she's not be be able to joining us. Now finally that part will be filled for the first time. I'm glad to be able show the eight colors of real Lovelyz to the fans. Please enjoy the look of 'completely Lovelyz'."

BabySoul, "It's the beginning of our activity. Please expect a lot and I wish you happily look at us."

Kei, "I'm happily preparing for a comeback. Now I just want to show you our appearance. The activities with 8 members seems to be a lot of fun. We will spread the loveliness just like the name Lovelyz also I want Lovelyz to be loved again."

Mijoo, "I'd like everyone is looking forward to 'completely Lovelyz'. I'm the same age as Jisoo. As a friend, I'm glad and exciting preparing a comeback together. I'll show you the 'chemistry of friend' properly so please show us a lot of love."

Sujeong, "I had prepared a lot of things as trainee before Lovelyz's debut. Like a did cover song, acapela, etc. There are variety of charms in me but I think I did not show it properly. Now I'd like to show you of me and Lovelyz properly."

Yein, "In fact, I was the last to join Lovelyz. At the time I was sad that I couldn't show you the proper appearance. Now I be able to show you properly, please expect it. We willl return to the original intention."

Jin, "Lovelyz members has more individual charms. There's a various of vocal and dance color. I want to show you the more natural look than 7 members on the stage as soon as possible."

Jiae, "Lovelyz is originally 8 members but we standing on the stage as 7, I also think it's unfortunate for the fans. Finally 'completely Lovelyz' comeback, I'd really like to show a great performance of Lovelyz."

Source: Herald Pop
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