Wednesday, September 9, 2015

T-ARA's Hyomin says she likes MAMAMOO, Red Velvet and B1A4 in the latest interview with bnt international

T-ARA's Hyomin share her thoughts and stylish pictorial through bnt international.

This time, Hyomin showing the four types different concept for the pictorial with bnt international. 7 years experience in the entertainment industry make her just like a professional model during the photoshoot that aroused high level of expression and pose. The staff who were there at the set admire her a lot.

In an interview during the photoshoot, Hyomin talks about T-ARA's latest album, "So many songs that we want to show, but it was good to be able to show fans the bright performance on the stage. Seems like it's been long time singing on the stage while laughing heartily."

After that, she's being asked about who's the most stand out groups among the juniors, Hyomin said, "So many group with good skill and pretty member. I'm a fan of MAMAMOO and Red Velvet. I like them because of their dynamic appearance and full of energy."

Following, Hyomin also revealed her favorite boy group, "It's B1A4. I saw their comeback stage first before heard the full album. The song is so good, so I put it into my cell phone."

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Source: bnt
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