Monday, October 26, 2015

Brown Eyed Girls drops teaser for upcoming comeback 'Basic'

Brown Eyed Girls released first comeback teaser image featuring Gain.

On October 26th at 8AM KST, Gain first teaser image has been released for Brown Eyed Girls upcoming comeback 'Basic' through their official SNS and it marked the beginning of full-fledged comeback countdown. On the same day at 10AM KST, Brown Eyed Girls released second teaser image featuring JeA. Following at 12PM KST the third teaser released featuring Narsha. At 2PM KST, the fourth teaser released featuring Miryo.

The picture showing an overwhelming visual atmosphere and Gain challenge to go beyond imagination with such a bold hair styling and tattoos.

Brown Eyed Girls is expected to disclose the remaining member's individual teaser image sequentially. Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Girls new album will be released on November 5th at midnight KST and comeback showcase will be held on November 4th.

See more photos below!

Stay tuned for more teaser!

Source: MyDaily
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