Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dalshabet to release first official Japanese debut album 'Hard 2 Love' on November 4th!

Dalshabet leave to Japan for their first official Japanese debut album promotion.

Happy Face Entertainment said, "Dalshabet is not only releasing their Japanese debut album 'Hard 2 Love' but also we are planning to do a number of promotions as well."

From October 29th until November 2nd, Dalshabet will hold 'Dalshabet's Japanese Debut Countdown' at Tower Record in Tokyo, Japan including press conference, interviews and more.

In addition, on October 31st to celebrate halloween's day Dalshabet to hold 'Shabet♥Halloween Party' at Ebisu the Garden Hall, the Garden Room. For the album release commemoration event, on November 3rd at DDD Aoyama Cross Theater and November 4th at Tower Record, Dalshabet will hold 'Dal★shabet Grateful Concert'. Following on November 5th and 6th they will actively promoting the new album in Kobe.

Meanwhile, Dalshabet's first official Japanese debut 'Hard 2 Love' will be released on November 4th.

Source: SportsChosun
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