Saturday, October 24, 2015

DIA talks about their follow up song 'My Friend's Boyfriend' in the recent interview

DIA has started the activitie for follow up song 'My Friend's Boyfriend'.

On October 23rd, dongA met with DIA in the waiting room of KBS 'Music Bank' and they talks about recent activities and follow up song 'My Friend's Boyfriend' concept.

Seunghee, "This is our first stage of 'My Friend's Boyfriend'. First broadcast of our follow up song is so fun. We act cute and playful for this concept. We wear excessive accessories and it makes fun to watch on the stage. 'From head to toe dance' and 'Fishing dance' are our point dance. It's a bit corny but I think it would be a good scene to watch."

Despite busy schedule, DIA are often performing on music programs and catches so many people eyes.

Eunice, "We're still a rookie and we thought we still not showing more than other singer. This time, Kim Dong Wan and Tei (senior) also make a comeback. Recently we also see Taeyeon (senior) and we really think that looks great. When see her up close on the stage she looks like a doll. I thought her solo song and appearance looks incredible. We got so many inspirations after watching that."

Many groups including DIA recently make a comeback and debut. Nevertheless, DIA said it is important to better promoting their group rather than thinking this is a competition. Sometimes sincere advices from seniors are a big help to them.

"We are monitoring a lot. Also thanks for all the comments towards us. T-ARA (senior) also give us a lot of courage. Especially Eunjung (senior) she direct support us and came on the scene. Now we think we should working even harder."

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