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EXID talks about drinking habits, BESTie and future plans in the latest interview

On October 1st, EXID has been interviewed by isplus and talking about many things. Check out what are they talking about in the interview below!

Q. Drinking Habit

Solji, "I can drink a half bottle of soju. I feel good that much. When I'm a bit drunk I did some aegyo, but if I heavily drunk it worse than that."

Hyerin, "I also drink a half bottle. If I drink a lot it is possible until 2 bottles. It's good enough to drink with close friends. If I drunk I just comfortably go home, but I cried a lot if its worse."

Junghwa, "I just drink soju. There some delicious soju these days (grapefruit soju) I drink that. I think I drunk enough after about a bottle. When I'm drunk my voice getting loud and laugh a lot."

Hani, "I really can't drink. My face really getting red and I can't drink at all until I vomit. When I'm stress I mixed 1 soju with 9 colas and drink it."

LE, "I think I can drink a bottle. I do just go home when drunk. If I'm heavily drunk I can't go home."

Q. Did you guys spent a happy Chuseok?

Hani, "I used to be reluctant to go home when Chuseok. This time I boldly go and did some fansign event. I gave a sign to my brother-in-law's company president's son. I proud that my parents watched it. My dad is the funniest. He called me Hani instead of my real name Heeyeon. Haha"

Hyerin, "My parents came to Seoul. I was shopping with my parents in Shinsadong and I'm grateful that my fans also know them. My dad also used to call me by my name but now he called me with 'EXID Hyerin'.

Q. EXID is sexy girl group, isn't you guys are too honest when appearing on variety shows?

"I think it's a revearsal of charm isn't it? The fact some of fans also worried about it but eventually its good for watching, and we still have not shown our real gross appearance. Haha."

Q. There was a lot of works. Such as team activities and also unit 'DASONI', how do you think about it?

Hani, "Frankly, I think it's all determining by Shinsadong Tiger (oppa). Haha. We do not know about our actual income or anything else. But it's a meaningful to try inform anything to our team. But it was good."

Q. How was your feeling when first listen to 'UP & DOWN'?

Solji, "I really like it. The choreography and all also good. I think this going to be a big hit."

Q. But the reaction for 'UP & DOWN' not so good at first.

Hani, "But we know what we have to do. Our company president was preparing a presentation show. I thought we got no great achievement for 'UP & DOWN' but its not very bad. I think how fast we can release a new song again. LE (unnie) prepared the guide for 'UP & DOWN' and how you need to take the MV also the outfits and more. Our company president created the PPT and any work for it so we can understand. Then there's how 'UP & DOWN' started."

LE, "We had a divided opinions whether how we start to promote it on music programs. The company also give the idea to do guerilla performances. I think those ideas are well combined and we got a good results."

Q. What if 'UP & DOWN' not success?

Hyerin, "At the time when we did interviews, we always say 'We think this is the last time'. I don't know when to give up but I want EXID to have a great impact."

LE, "Without 'UP & DOWN' I think I'll be back to my ordinary life and find a new job."

Solji, "If 'UP & DOWN' not success I don't know what to say. I have a realistic plans. I remember want to go travel first."

Hani, "The miracle happened. I am so glad until now. I was thinking of quitting. We're debuted 3 years ago and this is happened. I remember all the hurts from beginning. When 'UP & DOWN' released I was filled with entusiasm. It was really tough for all people in Korea to know our song at that time."

Junghwa, "Rather than our problems I thought this is the end."

Q. What do you think about your visit to US and there is some trouble there?

Junghwa, "I seems to ignore my english on broadcast. But there is so many cameras, reporters and fans at the airport, and they asked how was my feeling and I said 'I'm happy'. But suddenly the atmosphere became serious and Shinsadong Tiger (oppa) start to call our company president. There is also article with my name on the internet. At that time I was scared. But because of that, the number of my followers on instagram has increased. Haha"

Q. How about EXID's members relationship with BESTie's members?

LE, "In fact, we only did the activities with 6 original members for 1 month. Although there is so many feelings at that time, and now we're both EXID and BESTie thinking to work even hard. We also cheering for each other."

Hani, "Me and BESTie's Uji are a good friends since I'm 17. Until now I still save her name as 'soulmate' on my phone. Me and Uji (unnie) are still keep in touch. It's a win-win relationship."

Junghwa, "For now I wish they love us as BESTie and EXID. We're rooting for BESTie and I also think BESTie did the same way."

Q. How long you can keep as a team?

LE. "Well when the contract end, Solji (unnie) will be turning 31 and is it possible to still active? Ha ha ha ha ha."

Solji, "I also think about that. I'm idol and the most beautiful age is around 26-27. I have a married friends also some of them now having a baby. I'm old enough and want to marry when I'm 32. I just can't delays it more, but it could be more faster. Yet its a vague idea."

Source: isplus
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