Friday, October 2, 2015

Girl's Day's Minah to narrate upcoming episode of SBS 'Please Take Care of My Dad'

Girl's Day Minah chosen as the special narrator of SBS 'Please Take Care of My Dad' upcoming episode.

Minah receiving a lot of love these days, through her youthful image and sweet voice she will showcase the unique charm and delivering the message through the narration.

The crew said, "Minah has expressed several times her tender feels to her father and think deeply with the feelings of daugther to make a memories."

Minah also pleased to got the oppurtunity as special narrator she said, "I would like to introducing the story that contains the hearts of daughters to her dad and want to make memories."

She added when remembering that she showed tears in several broadcast, "What if I cry during the narration's recording?" she smile after said that.

The episode with Minah's narration will be broadcast on October 4th at 4.50 PM KST.

Source: eNews24
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