Sunday, October 18, 2015

[INTERVIEW] PPL (Perfect Performance Lady)

PPL (Perfect Performance Lady) is a rookie girl group under Parksal Entertainment. The group consisting 6 members, Mun Ga Kyung, Oh Ah Hee, Yujin, Azi, Lee Da Hee and Lim Sil A. They will make a debut at the end of this month with 1st digital single 'Rush'. 

PPL's members were an active models, some of them were racing models and participated in the beauty peagent 'Miss Korea'. Their debut showcase will be held on October 20th before the official release of their debut song 'Rush'.

Check out Girl Group Zone first interview with them below!

Q: Can you please introduce your group and explain when you guys are debuted?

A: "We are a model girl group called PPL which means Perfect Performance Lady. Our first single album will be released on October 30th."

Q: What makes the group different from other popular groups?

A: "We want to point out our visual because we are models. We have a beautiful face and great teamwork with perfect proportions. We also practiced really hard for our performance so please look forward to it."

Q: Do any of you play instruments or did you study music-related subjects when you were younger?

A: "There is a member majored in acting, and some of the members take a dance lesson. We didn't study music-related when we were younger."

Q: Were any of you in other groups before joining PPL? and did you know each other before joining the group?

A: "We were an active models in Korea and some of us also working as a model in other countries. We know each other as a model even before joining PPL."

Q: Who is the calmest member and who is the cheekiest?

A: "Our youngest member is the calmest and Dahee is the most cheekiest one."

Q: Do each of you have a favourite groups?

A: "We all like Girls' Generation and SISTAR."

Q: Other than Korean, what languages do you speak?

A: "We can speak Japanese and English and we're still learning Chinese."

Q: What is your music genre? Do you ever sing any songs in full English for your overseas fans?

A: "Our music genre is pop and EDM (Electronic Dance Music). We're practicing with Maroon5's song and it's quite difficult to sing in full English."

Q: Can you please tell us about your debut song 'Rush'?

A: "Our debut song Rush is an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) song with addictive melodies and unique lyrics. The song's strengh is on the melodies."

Q: Is there any western singer or group you want to collaborate with?

A: "We love to work or collaborate with the artist in other countries if we have a chance."

Q: What sort of things do you like to do in your spare time?

A: "We traveled together in our free time. We often going to the concert, watching movies, exercise and more."

Q: Last what is PPL's goals?

A: "We want to be known and do many things in Korea also in other countries as well."

Go check PPL's teaser images for upcoming debut song 'Rush' below!

Leader, Moon Ga Kyung

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