Thursday, October 29, 2015

Jessica chosen as the exclusive model of J.ESTINA RED BEAUTY

J.ESTINA RED recently released new cosmetics product 'J.ESTINA RED BEAUTY' and Jessica was selected as the exclusive model of the brand.

Jessica to attend first fansign event as the brand's model on November 7th.

J.ESTINA RED side revealed their reason to picked Jessica as the model, "Jessica has a high understanding of the fashion enough to launch her own brand 'BLANC & ECLARE', she also has a lot of interest in the beauty and fashion industry." and, "Jessica is not only famous in Korea but also one of the world's iconic star, in the future we will continous offer the daily sensual makeup through the collaboration with Jessica."

Jessica has been appointed as J.ESTINA RED cosmetics product 'J.ESTINA RED BEAUTY' model since last June and expected will continue to promote the brand as well as their jewelry's product.

Source: HangukTV
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