Saturday, October 24, 2015

Lovelyz says INFINITE's Sungjong is like their real sister in the recent interview

On October 23rd, dongA met Lovelyz in the waiting room of KBS 'Music Bank' while preparing for their 'Ah-Choo' performance and reveals about their recent activities and future plans.

"'Ah-Choo activities are fun. So our desire to perform on the stage gradually increases. We are glad to stand on the stage. Compared to our previous look, this time our appearance look brighter and the dance more energic that makes us more focus to practice. I thought this time is more brighter and lively on the stage than 'Hi~'. But there is still more that people not seen yet."

These days, Lovelyz is active promoting their latest song 'Ah-Choo'. The schedule and practice continues until late at night.

"We also make a mistake on the stage. (laugh) That's why we are preparing a lot in order to reduce such mistakes. These days, we're pay attention a lot on our live performance. We also monitoring a lot. Recently, Sungjong (senior) contacted us and said that he's watching us. He's just like our real sister. Different from other INFINITE's member (oppa) Sungjong (senior) is more like our sister."

Last year, Lovelyz debuted and now they're 'senior'. Lovelyz is constantly growing steadily from junior as senior right now.

"It's already been a year after our debut. It's amazing that so many juniors now. It looks like yesterday that we give our CD to seniors and now we're receiving CD from juniors too. It's an honor for us. We're going to do much better and moving step by step. We want to grow more further using our own ability."

Lovelyz is growing in full swing this year, the biggest goal is to win Rookie Of The Year. Other girl groups that debuted on the same year such as GFRIEND, SONAMOO, CLC and more are also competing to get the award.

"Our biggest goal this year is to receive 'Rookie Of The Year'. If we receive the award we will burts into tears. It's not easy because so many teams that debuted around that time. But fans' support give us a lot of power. The fans cheering for us with great sound and we're getting a lot of support from them. It feels good when we see not only man fans but also so many female fans cheering for us."

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