Saturday, October 24, 2015

TWICE talks about their debut and future plans in the recent interview

TWICE talks about their debut and future plans in the recent interview with dongA.

On October 23rd dongA met TWICE at the waiting room of KBS 'Music Bank' while preparing for their debut stage. TWICE reveals how they feels about their debut and about their future activities plans.

"Each member had different time of training days, so because of that time we wait so long to be on the stage. We are nervous but also excited. We realized that we're now make a debut after first showcase and performing on music programs. At the showcase it's only for us but it's amazing when performing with other artists, and we think we'd better be more good."

At the time of TWICE's debut showcase, their name on the first place of real-time search engines following by member's name and that's proving public interest towards TWICE.

"It's marvelous and an honor for us. To give back public's interest, we should work harder. We shout our slogan before performing on the stage. We're not just shout it but also admit it to ourself. We also work harder to monitor our performance on music programs."

In the survival program 'SIXTEEN' they show your appearance while preparing for debut. In particular, TWICE is the youngest group in the agency and received the wholehearted support from the seniors.

"Our agency's seniors support us a lot. 2PM's Jun.K also gave a cake to cheer us by himself. He said to us an encouragement 'Do well and work hard. I'll be watching you guys'."

Last, they want to be known as 'TWICE' not 'SIXTEEN' and they also want to be a group that respected the aspiration of many people in the future.

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