Thursday, November 12, 2015

9MUSES drops teaser image for new mini album 'LOST'

9MUSES to make a comeback on November 24th!

On November 12th at midnight the agency Star Empire has released teaser image for '잠은안오고 배는고프고(Can't Sleep, Am Hungry)' through their SNS account and official website ( featuring Euaerin.

Starting from November 7th, through official twitter account each members sequentially released a comeback spoiler video directed by themselves.

The new mini album contains 6 songs including title track '잠은안오고 배는고프고(Can't Sleep, Am Hungry)'. On November 13th, 9MUSES released the tracklist for their new mini album 'LOST('til the night is over)'. The title track 'Can't Sleep, Am Hungry' is produced by Brave Brothers. One of the member Euaerin participated in the lyric writing of 'Secret' and 'KOONG CHIT DAK CHIT'. Also 9MUSES participated in the lyric writing of 'To.?'

Star Empire said, "Once you listen to the song there's unforgettable moment." And, "Seems better to expecting alluring and hypnotic feels from 9MUSES."

On November 17th, 9MUSES releases jacket image for their new mini album 'LOST'. Through Naver Music, white version of 'LOST' jacket image has been released with group and each member's individual pictures.

Meanwhile, 9MUSES new mini album will be released on November 24th at midnight.

Stay tuned for more update!

See more teaser below!

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