Tuesday, November 17, 2015

AOA to host 'SNL Korea 6' on November 28th

AOA to host cable channel tvN's program 'SNL Korea 6'.

According to the broadcasters, AOA to appear on SNL Korea 6 next week on November 28th. However, FNC Entertainment's staff and officials are still under discussion about Seolhyun appearance on the show due to her personal schedule. Seolhyun currently busy with her personal schedule for upcoming movie '살인자의 기억법' filming. 

In particular, AOA's first appearance on SNL Korea 6 brings out curiosity about how they will present the 19+ comedy on the show.

On November 17th,  FNC Entertainment told My Daily, "AOA will appear in next week episode of SNL Korea 6."

The episode will be broadcast on November 28th at 9.45PM KST.

Source: MyDaily
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