Wednesday, November 25, 2015

APRIL talks about their comeback, Somin and close friends in the latest interview

APRIL returns with first single album 'Boing Boing' in just 3 months after their debut last August with mini album 'Dream Candy'.

"We prepared for a year to be APRIL, I used to think a lot but I'm glad about the results is better than I thought. We included in 'The Show' first place nominees and got 3rd place on music chart. Thank you so much. Of course during the activities there is some disappointment, but I showed the best as well as I did while practice so I do not regret it. As soon as our debut we got 3rd place it was amazing."

Talking about album's title track 'Muah!', Chaewon, "Debut song 'Dream Candy' is about the dream, this time we're showing girls charms about the kiss. In the past activities is a bit different from now, I want to show the advance look."

Chaewon also share her thought about APRIL's 'pure' identity, "We think honestly we look pure and innocent because we're still young. Still 5 years left for the youngest Jinsol to become an adult, I want to show more loveable and cute side." APRIL said they also want to keep going with 'pure' concept in the future, "I think clean, pure, healing and more are the words that can represent us in APRIL. We are completely innocent-dol!"

"This is already our second activity, we'll show our improvement apperance than the first." and, "As the second is coming, just like 'Dream Candy' I feel a little bit more ambitious. Please showing APRIL more attention and love. Also please listen to our new song 'Muah!' a lot."

APRIL talks about former member Somin and their re-organization as 5-member group.

APRIL, "Somin unnie has a career that she want, we told her that we will be fine and we will work hard." and, "Somin unnie and us are practice together for a long time and also debuted as a group, it's a lie if we're saying there's no regret about the withdrawal." following, "It was a period that we respect her opinions, we should go on our way and work hard."

They also shares about their upcoming comeback with 'Muah!', "To fill Somin unnie's vacancies we had to practice more hard. We also worried about our appearance and had a lot of talks among the members. We are cheer up and prepared for the best."

In the interview, the member Hyunjoo revealed that she's close with GFRIEND's Umji.

Hyunjoo met Umji for the first time at their school 'Seoul Performing Arts High School' and become a friends, that day they were going out for chicken ribs to celebrate Hyunjoo's birthday. Hyunjoo, "Me and Umji are holding hands also with my friends were going out to eat chicken ribs for my birthday party and Yewon (Umji real name) was cast on the street in front of my eyes. It was really amazing." and, "At that time I was so hungry and wanted to go to eat faster."

The other member Naeun was a long trainee in JYP Entertainment. In May, 2015 she got a call from DSP Media and joined as APRIL's member. Naeun, "I'm close with TWICE's Chaeyoung, Tzuyu and Nayeon unnie. We are share a lot of memories together."

The members shares the group that they want to get close are TWICE and GFRIEND, "Several members already close with them, I think it would be better if the members getting close together with each other. Their personality are good and also pretty!"

Meanwhile, APRIL's first single album 'Boing Boing' with title track 'Muah!' will be released on November 25th at 12PM KST.

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