Wednesday, November 11, 2015

EXID drops teaser images for 'HOT PINK'

EXID finally will make their comeback with mixed concept pure and sexy for 'HOT PINK'.

This is the first time EXID combining the hip-hop fashion for their comeback concept. In the first teaser image the members have different hair color, nails and colorful that showing their unique look of hip-hop. 

The agency said, "Even it's the same 'Pink' but when you meet EXID it would be different and we wanted to show more differences." Following, "We think that we had never showed up yet the diverse style, this time we put on more trendy and fashionable looks to show the upgraded side of them."

Meanwhile, EXID new digital single 'HOT PINK' will be released on November 18th and on the same day their first comeback stage will be revealed on Show Champion

See more photos below!

Stay tuned for more update!
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