Saturday, November 21, 2015

EXID share their thoughts about 'HOT PINK' comeback in the latest interview

Finally EXID's new digital single 'HOT PINK' has been released and they are return with completely different concept than before.

On November 20th, at the Music Bank waiting room EXID revealed their thoughts about this promotion and future activities.

"Couple days ago was our first comeback stage. I love that the members are increasingly complement each other performance. At the recording session I figured it out my face looks pretty and the members compliment me (laugh). Also thank you for the fans." (LE)

Last November 18th, 'HOT PINK' was released and tops chart in the online music charts. The song received love from the fans following their two hit songs 'Up & Down' and 'Ah Yeah'.

"In fact, when we're releasing third album there's a thought 'let's make it a new one' and it's a burden. I also worried after receiving a lot of love from the previous album but I'm also grateful to you for showing greater responses than we thought. I'll work hard and I hope you will continue showing your love." (Hyerin)

This time EXID focused on the attraction based on girl crush image with pink color. They spent a lot to serve new music.

"While this activity has started there's a new nickname. Looking around the hair color people call me 'Seaweed(매생이)'. Originally I had a nickname 'Hani-hyung(하니형)'. Combined with the seaweed nowadays they call me 'brother-in-law(매형)' (laugh). I wanted to color my hair blue but green turns out well. Of course, fans also like it." (Hani)

These days fans showing their greater interest and love towards EXID. Now EXID in the midst of a busy schedule and can meet the fans at various events.

"This album only contains one song and fans a little bit dissapointed, but the song is good and they praised us. Especially the fans still cheering for us even after 'Up & Down' fancam. Today's event we're prepared coffee van for fans. I'm trying to give more events in the future. Because it's a secret so please expecting a lot." (Junghwa)

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