Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Find out TWICE's Mina, Dahyun, Nayeon, Chaeyoung and Momo's charms!

Starcast channel of TWICE was finally opened. After shedding tears of joy for once, now they're clapping three times and the joy begin! Clap clap clap~ to celebrate channel's opening, the members gathered in one place. They tried to openly talk about the members right in front of each other. You will directly hear the attractive charms of these 9 girls! Start now!

The first member is Mina!

Jihyo: "Mina has her own charm."
Sana: "She's calm~"
Jihyo: "That's not chic. There's something. What should I say?"
Jeongyeon: "We all are noisy. But when Mina say something she's got our attention. I want to be like that."
Jihyo: "No~ you're noisy!" (to Jeongyeon)
Tzuyu: "We are noisy and Mina got us. If I live quietly like her, my hair will fall due to stress. (laugh)"

Second member is Dahyun!

Jihyo: "She has a feeling starting from her skin. It's too fair."
Sana: "Really like tofu. Real tofu."
Jeongyeon: "Real, where did you learn that word? (laugh)" (to Sana)
Tzuyu: "She's usually talk a lot."
Sana: "But I think when the music started, she's completely changed."
Jihyo: "Right! It's really interesting. That's the real charm of Dahyun."
Jeongyeon: "And Dahyun has no double eyelid. But all of us have it."
Jihyo: "She's the only person that have no double eyelid. And when she's smile is like a baby."
Sana, Tzuyu: "Yes~ Cute!"

Third member is Nayeon!

Tzuyu: "Nayeon's charm is when she's smile, isn't it?"
Sana: "Unbelievably refreshing smile."
Jeongyeon: "Her lips are beautiful. Heart lips!"
Jihyo: "I envied her thick lips, when her lips got together it form slightly heart shape."
Jeongyeon: "Her teeth also seems attractive. Perfect remain in memory. But she hates it. For me it's her charm."
Jihyo: "Her skin is so fair. Mostly our team's skin is little dark. (laugh)"
Sana: "Since when I happened to be dark...people are looking at me and Jeongyeon to be like that, what am I going to do with this? (depressed)"
Jihyo: "You guys not even dark~"

Fourth member is Chaeyoung!

Sana: "Chaeyoung has her own style."
Jihyo: "And I think her nose is really pretty."
Tzuyu: "I have a thin lips, I want to have thicker lips like Chaeyoung."
Jeongyeon: "Even her side profile is pretty."
Jihyo: "So you did purposely showing your side profile on the album picture?"
All members: "That's right, right. Chaeyoung knows herself well. (laugh)"
Jeongyeon: "And she's the only member who has dimple."
Sana: "Tzuyu also has it~"
Tzuyu: "I have it only on one side."

Fifth member is Momo!

Jihyo: "Momo looks good with blonde hair."
Jeongyeon: "And her abs are really...crazy! (laugh)"
Tzuyu: "Momo's abs the best."
Sana: "Momo's body really pretty. Her muscle are perfect, she has line too."
Jeongyeon: "She has been dancing since young, that's why her body is perfect."
Jihyo: "She also good at wink. When I saw the video when we're in Jeju for Inkigayo, her wink is not a joke."
Sana: "I think she has a reversal charms, her body is sexy, she's pure and love pink."
Tzuyu: "True girl~"

That's all about Mina, Dahyun, Nayeon, Chaeyoung and Momo's charms! How about Jihyo, Jeongyeon, Sana and Tzuyu? If you're curious please do not miss next part. Thank you~

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