Monday, November 2, 2015

f(x) says they will always together no matter what happens in the recent interview

Recently on the music program waiting room Mydaily met the 4 members of f(x), Victoria, Luna, Amber and Krystal and they're talking about the new album and more. Check out the full interview below!

f(x) share their thoughts about the comeback, "At the time we were busy with our individual schedule, it's good to back together after a long time. It feels like we're back to our debut days. We also got back to our original resolution."

The leader Victoria talks about the changes in f(x), "We want to constantly show the better for public and fans." and, "f(x) are supposed to be fresh every time and now we're a bit special."

Through '4 Walls' f(x) walking to their own path and completely escape from the typical composition of K-Pop's girl group.

Krystal admit about the unpopular genre for this album, "I thought there would be likes and dislikes toward '4 Walls'" but, "'4 Walls' is totally fit my taste and this is the song that I liked the most among the title track candidates."

After a long time finally f(x) will hold the first solo concert in January 2016 and f(x) shares their feels about it, "So many things that we want to do."

Following, "We did a concert together with EXO or SMTOWN World Tour, personally I was greedy to think 'When will f(x) have one'. Finally we're to have one, weighty? or burden? it's all gone. 'Wa! Now we're going to hold a concert!' and we're going to have fun."

Luna, "I want a lot more focused on other song than the title song. Lots of songs are placed sparingly. I wanted to show that and so many things that haven't shown on the stage. Please looking forward to it!"

Unlike the concerned for the past 1 years 3 months, f(x) becomes more closer than before. In particular, Amber's Korean skill also increasingly and she shares the goals, "We have a goal! I have to tell you that we always together. No matter what happens. We want to keep f(x) as our color. Well, the color is not fixed, we'll do everything that can be anything!."

Following the group interview, Mydaily also met the member Krystal personally and she shares about her career as f(x) member.

Krystal made her debut with f(x) when she was 15 years old and she needs to deal with the world also about the misunderstanding about her as 'cold' or 'be impertinent' person. "I don't really mind about that before.", said Krystal.

She also shares her thought about f(x) first concert, "In fact, we had originally planned to continue the schedule because I've never seen any issues or problems about that. So our first solo concert is a burden, I want to have fun and do the concert quickly with the members and fans. And somehow I just overwhelming about the moment of the concert."

Following, "I would like to say thank you for our fans to continue waiting for us even it is hard. I'm willing to return all of that. And these days I feel the fans are even larger. I really want to say thank you. So I have in my mind to be better, I think I just need to work harder."

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