Tuesday, November 3, 2015

[INTERVIEW] Rookie Girl Group HADY

HADY is a 4 member girl group under Kings Entertainment that debuted on October 24th with 1st digital single 'Hello'. The members are DaYeong as leader, Areum, Ye Rin and Hannah. They also did cover dance of boygroup and girlgroup such as BTS, EXO, INFINITE, GFRIEND, EXID and many more at some events before debut. Let's check out Girl Group Zone interview with HADY below!

Q. Hi, HADY! Please tell us about your group and introduce yourself :)

HADY: "Hello Indonesia. We're K-POP girl group HADY."

Da Yeong: "Hi my name is DaYeong and I'm the leader of HADY. I'm 23 years old."

AReum: "Hi I'm AReum the cutest member in HADY. I'm 23 years old."

Ye Rin: "Nice to meet you. I'm Ye Rin. I'm 22 years old."

Hannah: "Hello I'm Hannah. I'm 21 years old."

Q. Tell us about your debut song 'HELLO'!

HADY: "'HELLO' is cute song about girl who fall in love at first sight. The lyric has the meaning 'I wanna be with you tonight'."

Q. Is there any difficulties while preparing your debut or during trainee days?

HADY: "Fear for the future is our biggest problem. It was not hard to practice every day. That is because it was what we want to do."

Q. What is your first impression about each other when first meet?

Da Yeong: "I thought that AReum is younger than me. She looks very young."

Ye Rin: "Actually...at first I didn't like Da Young because of her playful and mischievous character that so different from me. But these days, I can understand her :)."

Q: Who is the mood maker in the group?

AReum: "I think you should choose me :)."

Hannah, Da Young, Ye Rin: "Ha ha... We agree..."

Q. We know that so many girl groups debuting this year, so what makes HADY different from the other groups?

HADY: "We all graduated from college majoring in dance. So we are strong on performances and dance."

Q. We've seen your cover of girl group such as HyunA, GFRIEND, EXID on your page, what cover you like the most and what cover that hardest to do?

Da Young: "I like BTS 'I Need You' cover. Because I did well in that video. Haha."

AReum: "BTS 'I Need You'. It was got the best response."

Ye Rin: "EXO 'Call Me Baby' was the hardest. Because we must be choreographed and the configuration should be completed in one day."

Hannah: "I like INFINITE 'Bad'. Because it was short :)."

Q. Who is your role model in this industy? Why you picked that person?

Da Yeong: "My role model is Taemin of SHINee. He wasn't the best singer in SHINee but he practice all day and he became one of the best vocalist. He is good at dance, singing and everything. I think he is born to be idol."

AReum: "My role model is Wendy of Red Velvet. She is good at all."

Ye Rin: "IU is my role model."

Hannah: "HyunA of 4Minute is my role model. Her usual looks and when she's on stage it looks different."

Q. What country you want to visit the most?

HADY: "We want to go anywhere. We also really want to visit Indonesia."

Q. What is HADY's biggest dream and goals?

HADY: "We want to be a stubborn team and familiar to fans. We want to grow and maintaining our original intention."

Q. Last, please leave a message to your overseas fans! :)

Da Young: "Thank you for your love to us in other countries. One day I hope to meet you. Thank you."

AReum: "Thank you for taking an interest in us."

Ye Rin: "We're just debuting not long ago and we very appreciate the interest."

Hannah: "Thank you for love us. We'll try harder."

Check out HADY's video greeting to Girl Group Zone below!

Rookie Girl Group HADY Video Greeting to Girl Group Zone!


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