Friday, November 27, 2015

Mnet's large-scale girl group debut project 'Produce 101' to air in December

Mnet has embarked on full-scale production of girl group debut project 'Produce 101' members into the camp.

On November 26th an official told My Daily, "Recently, 101 trainees from each agency went on the first shot. Some of the trainees will go to traning camp next week. The living accomodation is provided by Mnet side and they will receive training for the mission."

All the trainees expected to be living in a dorm until the debut members are selected. The format is similar to audition survival program 'Superstar K'. They will focus on the training and excluded trainees daily life.

According to the officials, most of the trainees who participated on 'Produce 101' are in their 10s. As a young girl who are still unfamiliar with the broadcast system, the producer will focus on their friendship and conflict during the show. 

Almost all the small and large agency in Korea participated on 'Produce 101'. However, YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment trainees will not join the show. It is reported that YG's new girl group will debut next year, SM also continuously exposing their trainees through SM Rookies, so it seems they will go with this project.

Meanwhile, among 101 trainees only 10 members who will be selected to join the new group. It is reported earlier that they will go with music genre EDM. After the project finished, for the trainees who are not selected will return to their agency as trainees.

'Produce 101' is expected to begin its first broadcast in December.

Source: My Daily
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