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OH MY GIRL's Interview with IZE Magazine - Hyojung & Seunghee

After received so much love from their debut with 'CUPID', OH MY GIRL make a comeback with 'CLOSER' and tell their story about the new song in the latest interview with IZE magazine.

Check out OH MY GIRL's members full interview with IZE magazine below!


Q. You did a lot of interviews these days compared to your debut days right? So now are you feeling a little familiar?

Hyojung: "I think a little better. When our debut showcase I was too nervous when the reporters ask the questions and filmed us. These days when I saw the video again, all my answer was like 'Yes~' 'I did it' just like reading a textbook. I wanted to relax next time, during 'CUPID' activities it was not really good. This time I got so many oppotunities for an interview and I want to talk naturally."

Q. You always wanted to try a cheerful concept like 'CUPID' again? Is it true?

Hyojung: "Yes it's true just like 'CUPID' because I thought it was a great opportunity to show the energies from eight of us. When we're listen to 'CLOSER' first sound we didn't like the atmosphere of the song. But after listen the full song for the first time, it was so good and want to try sing it as soon as possible. I also figured how to take a lot of opinions, as hard as I worry about convey this feeling to more people and the members as well."

Q. How to show the vague expression of this song?

Hyojung: "After the first time hearing the song, it just the appearance of the girls who want to go to stars. When people think more, it's like we're missing someone so bad, so we wanting to go there. I was trying to put these feeling and repeatedly look into the camera but it was take poorly. I continue to see the other members, also received some comments and with that notes I am practicing again for the facial expression."

Q. Any memorable advice from the members?

Hyojung: "It's clear when they say I was expressionless. The members said, "(Unnie) I think you smile to much.". "Huh? I smile?" because of that I tried to monitoring again and I was really smile a lot. That is perfectly reasonable to think when I smile little less, that expression will come out. Cool."

Q. I heard there are some moments when you laugh but also cry a lot.

Hyojung: "Ah... the fact that I'm the leader just before our debut is a burden. There are members like Jiho and JinE who trained for 4 years in the agency, but I just joined in fall 2014. The responsibility and burden of leader getting too big in that situation. When the first time the 8 members gathered together, talk to each other and tell our story it makes I know very well about their thoughts. (Unnie) is not good at talking to other people and it is hard to speak in front of us like this, so we will help you. At that time I cried for the first time in front of the members. It's maybe been better if I tell the members about this beforehand, I'm thankful for that."

Q. Are they (the members) like your family?

Hyojung: "I sincerely think that's really fortunate to have 7 people or more. My mother also think the 7 members are like her daughter. She also know the member's birthday. Last time she said, "Today is Arin birthday right? Because Arin is the youngest so it might be so difficult to spend more money, let mom buy anything you need.". Other member's parents also send anything even just a little."

Q. Did your family monitoring your performance?

Hyojung: "Yes. After I appeared on live radio, my sister just sent me an e-mail. I like Seunghee's ad-libs and frankly I got a goosebumps in the middle of the high note, that's what she said. When I'm home she always saying this coolly, "You have to work harder because a lack of parts." but I looked away because a little while she will compliment me. (laugh) Meanwhile, my mom and grandmother are think a lot about my health."

Q. You receive a lot of support since your debut and make it more happy rather than nervous, how about that?

Hyojung: "I always kept my dairy since I was a kid. I do not want the good memories to disappear. I think there is also bucket list. But this year, I did a few of them. My biggest goal is to receive first awards, but other than that we are able to participate at the big stage of 'Dream Concert'. A lot fans know us and we got a lot of love from them since our debut. I think 2015 will end with happily."


Q. Did you cry at your debut day?

Seunghee: "After the debut stage I cried at corner of dressing room. That there remains a picture, the members dressed in 'CUPID' outfit and they're sit surrounded me. My biggest dream is to make a debut earlier this year."

Q. You appeared on Mnet 'Superstar K2'spent a long time before your debut and you seems have been required to this field.

Seunghee: "I took about 9 years to debut. So I see a lot of people got hurt, I think I'm glad to have an experience in the young age. In the past I tried to think positively but I don't get it. So I wonder 'Why such a thing only happened to me after all the effort that I put into this" it hurts my pride a lot. Now I changed the way I'm thinking. I just go with it and see what happen next."

Q. When were you joining the agency?

Seunghee: "At the end of 2014, I came in nearly last among the members. I was took medicine 3 weeks for my healing. But I quit 3 days after joining WM Entertainment."

Q. Are you in diet right now?

Seunghee: "Yes. I made by myself homemade vinegar. Like combination of pumpkin and vinegar or banana vinegar. When it diluted in water it's good to eat that when you're diet. In fact, I've eaten enough the combination of anything such as grapefruit, banana, pineapple and more but pumpkin with vinegar is the most delicious. Surprisingly there's no destincive smell of pumpkin at all and it has a clean taste."

Q. Does it bother you to made all of that?

Seunghee: "I'm the type that always to do something. Like clean the floor, checking the gas, preparing lunch, boiled potatoes, I even wash for two or three times a day. I often nag to the members and told them to check gas valve and more before going to sleep."

Q. Since when you have such a habit ?

Seunghee: "I think it's just my mom's reflection. I did it when I'm in the middle school. I look around and checked where the part that I should clean, when I found that, it immediately caught my eyes. It feels good after cleaning alone and the members also rewarding me in many ways. Life should be spent productively every day."

Q. You also waking other members up before the schedule?

Seunghee: "Yes. I wake up early in the morning and eat a little then like YooA and Arin they wake up, prepare after that go out immediately. In fact, there's no member that is difficult to be awakened. But the first sleeper is Hyojung. Hyojung, me, Arin and YooA are share the same room because Hyojung sleep first so after washed we're dry our hair quickly and talking to each other quietly. But Hyojung will not wake up despite loud voice. What a character." 

Q. Do you believe in horoscope/fortune telling?

Seunghee: "Maybe a lot on horoscope. I don't check it everyday but I check it after dreamed about strange thing one day in the morning. Actually we know about that we're going to perform at the 'Dream Concert' just before we heard the news. A night before that we slighty check into the horoscope. We found a content about 'Today I feel differently and will come unexpected good news. So do your best before your spot undertaken'. Is it true? then that afternoon the news were out about us will perform at the 'Dream Concert'. Sometimes I just checked horoscope two or three times a week."

Q. We hope about more good news in the end.

Seunghee: "To finish the year I want to more people recognize OH MY's good when I can sing christmas carol. Also celebrating christmas together with the members and a big cake. However, is it possible to give us a christmas holiday? Well, I think it will be interesting to do something with fans because this is our first christmas since debut. Then back to our dorm and hold the party among us again?"

Stay tuned for more interview of OH MY GIRL's members with IZE magazine the next 3 days!

Source: IZE
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