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OH MY GIRL's Interview with IZE Magazine - Jiho & JinE

After received so much love from their debut with 'CUPID', OH MY GIRL make a comeback with 'CLOSER' and tell their story about the new song in the latest interview with IZE magazine.

Check out OH MY GIRL's members full interview with IZE magazine below!


Q. Not long ago, OH MY GIRL went to Jeju for SBS Inkigayo special episode right?

Jiho: "Yes. It's good after a long time I saw the beach. We were enjoying the sea breeze and felt healed. View above the plane also unbelievably beautiful. But when you return from the trip the most memorable thing I think it's the food. Isn't it? (laugh). When I was in first grade of middle school I went to Japan. Even back then I went to IKEA store and go to upstairs the first thing that caught my eyes was a cake. I ate that cake with other delicious desserts."

Q. What did you eat in Jeju?

Jiho: "Mango juice! That's a real mango juice, all the members unanimously said it was so delicious. If I want to eat that I'm gonna go there again. I liked the fact that my parents always sending me the fruits to our dorm. So I will never run out of fruits. In summer I eat peach, in winter I eat tangerine because it's fall so I eat persimmon. I always put the fruits on my bag before my schedule."

Q. So it's about one month you guys are promoting 'CLOSER', how do you feel about that?

Jiho: "I also came to school during the activity period. During 'CUPID' promotion when I entered the classroom my friends did 'parulalu' (laugh). my friends listen to our song, this time everyone said the feeling for this song is too good, they uploaded the video on facebook also share it, however I wish you guys also look the members beautifully. Even the friends that I didn't know well come to me and said the song is good. I think this time they're giving attention to 'CLOSER' more than 'CUPID'."

Q. Isn't it hard to do both school and promotion?

Jiho: "My stamina is good. Although after returning from schedule I feel tired but I need to work hard. If I had a cold, then I definitely sleep, took the vitamins and all the sick will disappear. I'm not the type who sleep early."

Q. So we heard that JinE is your roommate, any story that you share before going to bed?

Jiho: "I used to sleep in a single bed. After dress up I play internet games. I was too embarassed around her. In fact, me and JinE are together when we were trainees for 4 years and we often talk about any circumstanses during that time."

Q. So you are very happy because finally made a debut after 4 years of training?

Jiho: "The atmosphere in our company, the trainess or staff are like family. But when our debut date has been determined, it's unfortunate when parting with them. On that day, I spent a day without spirit because the regret of such a separation. I'm happy but also sad. We can't celebrate our debut with celebration party at all."

Q. Is there any work you want to try in the future? 

Jiho: "I want to shoot CF together with the members. Even it's not easy to shoot the ad together. I'd love to shoot food, cafe too but if I need to choose's delivery application CF! Chicken, pizza, pork feet, bossam and all the food, I don't mind what kind of food it is I can eat everything. (laugh)"

Q. What do you want to try personally?

Jiho: "I want to go and play at the amusement park wearing school uniform and feel the romance. Starting from the end of ninth grade until training days, I've never done anything like that before. I used to be scared riding T Express at Everland (wooden roller coaster) when I was a kid, but recently I am able to ride that with a laugh. Because I have a little confidence now so I want to go once again wearing uniform. Ah, also in my last year I want to take a picture together while all of them dressed up in a school uniform. Take a picture with friends and with the members then I'm gonna put the photos in one frame. So I can see that again later."


Q. We heard that you're not in a good condition.

JinE: "Usually one month before comeback the members will going on diet. We manage to eat one meal a day or only eating fruits. I did different way with my style. I repeatedly eat or not that's why my health is not good. The members were also concerned and taking care of me. Fortunately, now I'm eating better than them so it's another problem. (laugh)"

Q. What is your favorite food?

JinE: "I love meat. Chicken, beef, pork and duck if there's no meat I like fruits and dessert as well. When I was a kid I didn't eat the fishy food. Nowadays I can eat fish well, I love salmon."

Q. Have you ever been to your hometown Pohang after debut?

JinE: "I had the dreams for OH MY GIRL debut and go back to my hometown after that. I was able to go there in the last Thanksgiving (Chuseok). They're treat me differently now than when I was a trainee. Younger relatives came to me and said this, "Please give a sign to my friends" and the adults "We are monitoring you, you became so beautiful". My parents also take care of me I think I should be better. Oh, it's fun to see my cousin acting shyly in front of my sister."

Q. Any other dream that you want to happen again?

JinE: "I want to go to Pohan for a fansign event. Look at other group, they never been there. In the name of OH MY GIRL I want to shoot cosmetics CF. Food is also good, but it would be better to take the advantage of the crystal clear images from girls like us and natural for the CF."

Q. We see that you are interested in makeup.

JinE: "Because I am a student I tried to hold it, I'm more interested in makeup after debut. I pay attention to my skin so I choose natural makeup and focused on base makeup, lips and more to make it natural. People's image totally look different just from their eyebrows. If the eyebrows has mountain shape they will have a stronger impression. However if you put the lotion too much it will ruin your makeup later."

Q. What about fashion?

JinE: "I love fashion. I'd really like to go to Harajuku when I visit Japan. So much cute, lovely and innocent clothes in Japan. If there is a chance I want to try cosplay, but I don't know what to wear. I'm sure I will find it in Japan. That reminds me of the time when me and Jiho shopping together in Dongdaemun during our training days."

Q. What the most memorable experiences during trainee period?

JinE: "We are not dieting. After practice I went to eat a lot of delicious food to re-charge my energy. Me and Jiho go out for a date at dawn and buy something, when my friend's birthday I even taste the role cake that we brought at night. We also like listening to a song together. The birthday party more exciting even only the two of us. (laugh)"

Q. So you have a lot of memories with Jiho?

JinE: "Yes. However, we're both not the type who will talk first. These days, once we start talking it will go little deeper and we often doesn't speak to each other. Rather than talk we approach quietly to support each other. Frankly, I'm not a person that take every problems seriously. If I feel there's a problem, I will immediately come to the members or our parents to see the second opinion. When you suffered alone it's not solve anything."

Q. Who's the person that usually sharing their stories with you?

JinE: "Recently, I talk a lot with YooA. She tend to read a lot of books so it's better to share the thoughts with others. However, not just YooA other members are equally important too. When the eight of us were appointed as the members, I just have the feeling that we will be a good family in the future."

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Source: IZE

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