Saturday, November 7, 2015

Press Conference of 2015 ERU Jakarta Concert 'HAPPENING'

Korean ballad singer Eru also known as 'Prince of Ballad' will hold his third exclusive concert entitled 'HAPPENING' in Jakarta, Indonesia.

'HAPPENING' is promoted by Enstar Entertainment will be held on November 7th at 7PM (local time) in Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta. At the press conference on November 6th, Eru claimed to feel comfortable in Indonesia and considers Indonesia as his second home.

In his third concert, Eru invited duo rapper Mighty Mouth and one of best vocalist of Lucky J, J-Yo as a guest star. In addition, what makes this concert different from the last two because the concert will be held at indoor. Eru explained why he decided to hold indoor concert, "The previous concert was held at outdoor and there's unfavorable weather, I do not want my fans in the rain. So this time they do not have to worry."

Behind his concert title, 'HAPPENING' it's because there will be several fun and 'happening' moments at the concert so he decided to named the concert with that. Despite the short time of preparations, Eru revealed this time there will be more special performance that people haven't seen yet and the more models that participated in the performance.

Eru also said there is a song that will be performed for the first time in Indonesia. Looking at the statement and the guest star, so it might be his latest song 'Garosu-gil' feat. Lucky J's J-Yo that has been released on February 25th this year.

When the media asked about who Indonesian artist he want to work with, Eru said, "If there is a chance I'd love to work with all of them, but if I need to choose I have no idea so it doesn't matter with anybody." Following with the question about his fans, the first word he said was 'cantik' that means 'beautiful'.

The press conference ended with group photos of Eru with guest star Mighty Mouth, Lucky J's J-Yo, crew and dancers for the concert.

See more photos below!

Article by:  Lia 
Photo by:   Ine 
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