Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rania introduces new members, Heyme and Seulji!

Rania to make a comeback with 2 new members for 'Demonstrate'.

On November 3rd the agency DR Music said, "Former member Saem and Jooyi has left the group, starting from this (Demonstrate) activity new members Hyeme and Seulji will join the group."

Hyeme and Seulji has been prepared for this activity with 3 remaining members Di, Xia and T-ae. Both Hyeme and Seulji were born in 1995. 

Hyeme is the main vocal and has been training for 4 years before debuting with Raina. She's known for her looks and singing ability.

Hyeme (혜미)
Seulji the new youngest member on the group known for her singing and acting skill. She also hold a 4th dan/black belt in Taekwondo.

Seulji (슬지)
DR Music said, "Among these stunning 5 girls, there's a dark horse." and, "The teaser that will be released on November 4th is expected to unveil the dark horse's profile."

Meanwhile, Rania new mini album 'Demonstrate' will be released on November 5th and the will promoting on various broadcasting activities after the album release.

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