Monday, November 2, 2015

Rania to make a comeback with new mini album 'Demonstrate' on November 5th!

Rania to make a comeback with new mini album 'Demonstrate' after 2 years 8 months!

On November 2nd the agency Dr.Music said, "Rania new mini album 'Demonstrate' will be released on November 5th at midnight KST."

According to Starnews coverage result, for this album Rania will return with 3 new members after Jooyi and Saem left the group. After a long time, through a new system Rania will show a new look that has been prepared to the fans.

But the agency still keep it as a secret about Rania's 3 new members. Meanwhile, the agency revealed their reason about the comeback, "At the time we're suffered a legal dispute with distributors and distribution difficulties and other issues related to the new album." and, "The agency and members have been through a hard times and finishing the legal issues, now we're able to prepare for comeback activities."

Following the agency said, "Ever since the debut, Rania has shown their interest to Michael Jackson 'Dangerous' composer, Teddy Riley." and, "This time, Rania also working with wonderful and exceptional producers for the comeback."

Meanwhile, Rania plans to release teaser and the profiles sequentially until the album release on November 5th.

Source: Starnews
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