Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cosmic Girls (우주소녀/宇宙少女) Member Profile

Starship Entertainment with Chinese company Yuehua Entertainment to debut new girl group 'Cosmic Girls' next year.

'Cosmic Girls' is the first joint project of Starship Entertainment and Yuehue Entertainment through mutual management contract in April. The members is expected to show each specialized skills such as vocal, dance, acting, etc.

Check out the member's profile below!

Name: Cheng Xiao
Hangul: 성소
Chinese: 程潇
Blood Type: B
Zodiac: Cancer
Birth Flower: Rose
Meaning of Flower: Lovely
School: School in Shenzhen, China & Majored in Traditional Dance

Name: Bona
Hangul: 보나
Chinese: 苞娜
DOB: August 19th
Hometown: Daegu
Blood Type: A
Zodiac: Leo
Birth Flower: Rose Campion 
Meaning of Flower: Sincerity

Name: Dayoung
Hangul: 다영
Chinese: 多榮
DOB: May 14th
Hometown: Jeju
Zodiac: Taurus
Birth Flower: Columbine
Meaning of Flower: Pledge of Victory
Position: Youngest (Maknae)
Speciality: Singing

Cosmic Girls (우주소녀/宇宙少女) Official SNS
Twitter: @WJSN_Cosmic
Instagram: @wjsn_cosmic
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