Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Dalshabet to make a comeback in celebration of 5th anniversary next year

Dalshabet announced a comeback after Jiyul & Gaeun decided to leave the group.

On December 9th, Dalshabet's agency Happy Face Entertainment officials in an interview, "Next year on January 5th is Dalshabet's 5 years anniversary and we're preparing a comeback for that." and, "Currently comeback date has not been confirmed."

Following, "Dalshabet's new album will be a mini album. The title song is still undetermined." and, "Subin is directly wrote the lyric and composed for her solo song that will be included in new album."

Earlier Jiyul & Gaeun decided to leave the group after their contract expired by the end of this month also will focusing on acting and fashion. Meanwhile, Dalshabet will go with 4 members, Subin, Serri, WooheeAhyoung and ready to make a comeback early next year.

Source: MTN
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