Sunday, December 6, 2015

GFRIEND aiming early next year comeback with new album

GFRIEND are currently having a busy schedule for the year-end awards and the new album is expected will be coming out early next year.

On November 6th according to music industry officials, GFRIEND are preparing new album and aiming for early next year comeback.

GFRIEND seems to be preparing such a special stage for the end of the year awards ceremony. Last month they're received 'Rookie of the Year' award at the 2015 MelOn Music Awards (MMA) and they're preparing to finish the year well.

The official told Star News, "GFRIEND are preparing for a comeback next year." and, "GFRIEND put their effort in the new album to show good song and their lively performance."

Stay tuned for more update!

Source: Star News
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