Thursday, December 3, 2015

[INTERVIEW] Rania 'Demonstrate'

Rania finally returns after 2 years 8 months. In August 2015, Rania made their appearance with two new members Hyeme & Seulji and the group announced their comeback on November 6th with 'Demonstrate'. The group also confirmed the departure of former member Saem and Jooyi. After revealed two new members Hyeme and Seulji, the agency released a following news about their new 'dark horse' member, Alexandra Reid and gained so much attention as she will be the first African-American woman to be an official member of a Korean girl group.

This time Girl Group Zone got a chance to interview Rania for their 'Demonstate' comeback. Let's check out their first interview with us below!

Q. Hi Rania it's been 2 years since your last promotion. How the member's feeling about Rania's long-awaited comeback with 'Demonstrate'?

Rania: We are very pleased that we finally come back on stage. We will try our best to show what we have.

Q. Please tell us the story behind 'Demonstrate' :)

T-ae: There was another song that was supposed to be our title song, but we changed our mind once we were listed to 'Demonstrate' because we loved it so much.

Q. So Rania just added 3 new members, Hyeme, Seulji and Alex. What made the agency choose them as the new members?

Seulji: As far as I concerned, I think I was chosen because I have some kind of attractiveness that other members don't have such as cuteness, cheerfulness, etc. These are one of aspects that Rania definitely needed.

Hyeme: I have been a trainee for DR Music ever since I was 17 years old girl. I think I was chosen because I got very huskey voice that Rania needed. Also, they think I was pretty mature both mentally and physically.

Alex: After I was discovered, I started having Skype meetings with the CEO of the company. He was extremely impressed by my resume, and also excited that I could compose music for the group.

Q. How was the remaining members think about the new members?

Di: I think they are very kind and are kind of people who we can easily get along with.

Xia: I am very thankful to them because they are kind and respect the original members. 

T-ae: I love them because they are very passionate about what they do.

Rania @ The Show (cr: Rania's facebook)
Q. Is there any difficulties or memorable moment while preparing the album?

Alex: I felt a bit of pressure writing my vers on 'Demonstrate' because I knew that would be my introduction, so I wanted it to be representative of myself and also memorable.

Q. So many interest toward Rania after the comeback news released and of course about the first African-American member Alex joining the group. How do you feel about that?

Rania: We were very positive about the fact that Alex would be joining to our team because she's not only talented but also she is actually very pretty. Alex is truly a good friend of ours.

Q. What kind of charm you want to show through this song?

Seulji: We would like to show we have some different charm that differentiate us from other K-Pop artists.

Q. As we know so many rookie girl group debuted for the last 2 years, what do you think about that?

Di: We haven't been able to watch TV very often. So, we don't really know yet. We will get to know other K-Pop artists as we start working.

Q. Did you know that Rania has so many overseas fans waiting for your comeback?

T-ae: Absolutely! We have been missing them so much!

Q. What Rania want to achieve / biggest goal in the shortest time as a group and individual?

T-ae, Xia: We definitely want to become one of the greatest girl group in the world. Also, we want to be on the top of Korean music program.

Alex: Just to make our fans proud and give them something to smile about!

Rania @ Music Bank rehearsal (cr: OSEN)
Q. If there is a chance to hold a concert or performing overseas, what countries you want to visit the most? and why?

Seulji: We are open to everywhere where our fans are living. Indonesia is definitely one of the places we would like to visit because we have many fans there.

Q. Rania has shown an interest to composer Teddy Riley ever since your debut, so for now is there any composer/artist you want to work with?

Xia: I would be honored to be working with Ariana Grande.

T-ae: Beyonce! no more to say.

Q. What is Rania's future plans?

Hyeme: The first thing we have to do is to promote 'Demonstrate'. Secondly, we will probably be going out to other countries for promoting the album.

Q. Last, please leave a message to your overseas fans!

T-ae: I love you A1ST.

Di: I miss you guys so much.

Seulji: Hello, I am 슬지(Seulji). Thank you so much for supporting and cheer me eventhough I am a new member.

Hyeme: I look forward to seeing you guys soon.

Xia: I will see you very soon. Love ya.

Alex: I have so much love for my overseas fans. Our relationship is special because we have so much in common. I myself was an overseas K-Pop fan, and look at where I am now! I believe in every single one of you. If I could make my dreams come true, so can you. I love you in every language! :)

Check out video greeting from them!

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