Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Wonder Girls Hyerim to have an exclusive interview with Leonardo DiCaprio!

Wonder Girls' Hyerim sets out make her debut as reporter for KBS 'Entertainment Weekly'.

Hyerim to have an exclusive interview with Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio on December 16th in LA. She will interviewing Leonardo DiCaprio for his movie 'The Revenant' that scheduled to release in January, 2016 and the interviews will be published through KBS 'Entertainment Weekly'.

On December 8th, Entertainment Weekly side told JoyNews24, "Hyerim was born in Hong Kong and her English is extraordinary. Although this is her first time working as reporter but she was willing and honored for the opportunities to participate in the exclusive interview with Leonardo DiCaprio." Following, "Please looking forward to the meeting of celebrity vs celebrity."

On the other hands, 'Entertainment Weekly' teams and Hyerim will depart to LA on December 15th and they will spend 4 days 2 nights there. They're scheduled to go back after the interview finished.

Source: JoyNews24
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