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[INTERVIEW] CocoSori 'Dark Circle'

CocoSori is a new female duo under MOLE Entertainment who just debuted with their debut single 'Dark Circle' on January 5th. The members Coco and Sori are looking like a twins with their high pigtails, bangs, and pretty looks that makes different from other groups. They even working with famous designer Kudo Atsuko who has worked with top artist Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora for their outfits.

So this time Girl Group Zone got a chance to interviewing CocoSori for their debut. Let's check out our interview with them below!

Q. Hi CocoSori please introduce your group and each member :)

Coco: Hey Girl Group Zone, we are the first rookie and first duet to debut in the year 2016! I’m from the States and Sori had been lived in Japan for a while, so we are looking forward to meeting many overseas fans in the future! Sori’s the “unnie” (oldest) of the group and I’m the “maknae” (youngest). We think it’s pretty funny when we introduce ourselves in that way since we only have two members!

Q. Can you please tell us about your debut song 'Dark Circle' and what story behind it?

Coco: Our first single, ‘Dark Circle’, was targeted to be a fun song that could be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their age, gender, and background. If you listen carefully to our lyrics, it’s pretty hilarious! It’s about a girl who forms dark circles under her eyes, because she is having a hard time dealing with a guy who is just beating around the bush! Broccoli is pretty well known to be a cure for dark circles, which explains why I cry “give me broccoli!!!” in our song!

Q. Is there any funny or memorable moment during 'Dark Circle' recording & MV filming?

Coco: We felt like we were part of a salad bowl during our shoot of our music video! We had to lay on hundreds of broccoli for one of the scenes of our music video and it is not as easy as you might think! Lots of broccoli attracts lots of flies! And flies do not cooperate well! We had to chase them away constantly for the whole shoot!

Q. How do you feel when debuting and promoting on music programs?

Coco: Sori still cannot believe that she can actually see herself on TV! She is thankful for the fans who are supporting and loving our music. For me, even though it’s my second debut I still feel nervous before going up on stage. But I’m so thankful that I am able to promote again with a new concept and music that my fans and I love.

Q. CocoSori's concept is quite different from other duo or group, what makes you choose this concept?

Coco: Because it’s the perfect package! Not only we do have super fun performing our song, but we also stand out in any crowd! We’re sure that almost everyone goes through hardships in their lifetime. We chose this concept in hopes that our music will bring joy to our listeners as much as it did for us!

Q. Some people might think about the similarity of you and Orange Caramel, what do you think about that?

Coco: We feel much honored to be even mentioned with Orange Caramel! They are amazing artists with a bold color that we look up to and respect! But we think we have our own bold color as well, and trust that our fans will start to see that as we promote longer! Plus, we are way shorter and look way more average than they are!! They even have members that ranked in the tops for the world’s most beautiful women!

Q. Are you going to keep this twins and cosplay look for future activities / new songs?

Coco: One of our goals was to stand out and be distinguishable from other groups, and our concept does just that perfectly! So we plan to keep our color similar even in the future.

Q. What is the best thing about doing such a fun concept?

Coco: We believe that in order for our fans to enjoy our performances, we would need to truly have fun ourselves. And our concept lets us do just that! The best part is: we truly have fun with our music, so we believe that everyone will too!

Q. As we know that Coco is a former member of Blady, what makes you decided to join CocoSori after hiatus for a year?

Coco: I was still figuring out what I liked and what I was good at when I was in Blady, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to be as passionate on stage. During the hiatus, I wanted to find my own color that I could truly have fun with and have confidence in expressing. That’s why I decided to re-debut as CocoSori! It’s exactly what I was looking for.

Q. We look that Coco and Sori are so close and somehow looks like a twins, how long you guys know each other? :)

Coco: It’s hard not to be so close when you’re with just one other companion every day for 24 hours! We met when I came to this company through an audition in late 2014, and since then we live together. There’s a saying in Korea that couples start to look alike when they get married and live under one roof! We think maybe since we’re always together we sort of look-alike now?! It is possible since we can even read each other’s minds just by looking at each other haha!

Q. So you both are fluent in Japanese, any plans to promoting more in Japan?

Coco: I’m (Coco) fluent in English but not in Japanese! Sori is pretty fluent in Japanese because she lived in there about seven years! We definitely hope to promote in Japan and everywhere else our fans reside :). We are both taking Chinese, and I’m taking Japanese classes in hopes to communicate with our fans better in the future!

Q. Did you know that you have many overseas fans?

Coco: We had no idea! But we are so glad to hear that we do! :)
We hope to meet all our overseas fans soon!

Q. Which country CocoSori want to visit the most and why?

Coco: As we said, we’d love to meet all our fans wherever they are. If we have fans in Indonesia, we will go there when we saved enough money to afford the flight and hotel. We already been to China and Japan and it’s very cold here in Korea now, Southeast Asia would be a great choice if we can choose!

Q. Last, what is CocoSori goals and biggest dream in 2016?

Coco: We want to reach and meet as many audiences and leave a bold, unforgettable impression! Then we hope to continue making music that suits us best to build our own CocoSori style of music genre. And lastly, since we are the “first rookies” of the year 2016, we want to make it a memorable year and end it with the “best rookies’ award”!
smile emoticon We hope to meet all our overseas fans soon!

Check out also video greeting from CocoSori!

smile emoticon . We are both taking Chinese, and I’m taking Japanese classes in hopes to communicate with our fans better in the future! smile emotico
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