Sunday, April 17, 2016

Girl Group Zone Interview with MATILDA

We're back again with our newest interview this time with rookie group MATILDA!

MATILDA is a 4-member girl group debuted under Box Media on March 17th, 2016 with single 'Macarena' and their first debut stage was on KBS 'Music Bank' on March 18th, 2016. The members are consist of Haena (25), Dan-A (23), Semmi (21) and Saebyeol (20). Haena is a former member of Kiss & Cry known for her great vocal and Dan-A is singer/musician Park Hak Gi's eldest daughter.

After a month of their debut, they appeared on KBS program 'Immortal Song' on April 16th, 2016. They sang 'You Are My Lovely Flower' by Hyun Chul. Haena also appeared on the show as solo before debuting with MATILDA.

Let's getting know more about them and take a look on their interview with us, Girl Group Zone below!

Q. Hi Matilda, please introduce your group & yourself :)

Hi, There! Hello everyone~ This is MATILDA! Matilda is a girl group with members named Haena, Dan-A, Semmi and Saebyeol. Leader Haena is like a baby on the group even Haena is the leader!^^, Dan-A is the most elegance member of the group which is the same as her name meaning in Korean. Semmi is our vocal but has a very strong image as a rapper, even Semmi does not rap!^^ And our real youngest member Saebyeol is the new star of the groupwhich is in the same meaning of her name in Korean.
Q. Please tell us about your debut song 'Macarena' & what story behind it?

Our title song “Macarena” is a kind of variety musical that makes people electrifying. This song, with retro guitar line e carnival-ish brass sound, is made by Korean hot composing team “어벤전승”. This song also contented with a lot of different music type melodies/contents which makes this song dynamical and an all new style of K-Pop.

Q. Any favorite or memorable moments during MV shooting?

The most impressed scene of MV shooting is the “Black Light” part. We put fluorescent color make up on our face and every one laugh out loud when seeing us. And this also made the whole studio is full with laugh.

Q. Is there any difficulties while preparing your debut?

There was no difficulities when preparing our debut song.

Q. As we know Haena is the former member of Kiss&Cry, how do you feel to be promoting again with Matilda?

It was a very good and happy that I can work with my new member and they are really nice and good.
Q. How was the members feel after debuting?

 It is really very luck to meet each other and be a member of Matilda to debut. Everyday is a good day when we’re together.
Q. Who is your role model / inspiration to become a singer? (@zunylon)

My role model is Ock Ju Hyun. She is very very good and does good life control. She is the top of top no matter as a musician or a musical actress. Therefore I really wants to be like her.
Q. What concept or genre you want to try next? (@happyjeongguk)

. We feel like to present a lot of different kinds of music type in our next album.

Q. Any group you want to work with or caught members eyes recently?

Hope we can work with EXO!!^^

Q. What is your first impression when meet each other?

Haena – Because she likes surfing therefore her skin color is really dark and also she is very slim that makes her looks like a professional artist
Dan-A – We though she is very smart and she’s really beautiful
Semmi – We thought she is really good in singing and she looks a bit like foreigner
Saebeyol – She is really very quieting therefore we are worried about her a lot but we realize we worried too much then…….also we feel she is very charming.
Q. Who is the funniest / mood maker in the group? (@girrlgroups)

The mood maker of the group is Semmi.

Q. What makes Matilda different from other groups?

We, Matilda knows how to have fun when performing.

Q. Matilda biggest goal this year? what kind of group you want to be?

This year, we hope we can be known by not only Korean fans but also fans in the world.

Q. If you have a chance to visit other country, which country you want to visit the most and why?

Maldives!! Maybe we can have a glass of Mojito there? ^^

Q. What is you advice for people who want to become a singer? (@innerjisoo)

Since chance might come to you anytime, we hope you can do your best always and be prepared all the time.

Q. Last, please leave a message to your fans! :)

 Thank you for loving us and please keep loving us!!^^ and please give us support!! We’ll do our best to show you the best Matilda!!^^

That was our short interview with MATILDA! Hope you enjoyed it and keep staying with us for more interviews and news about your favorite girl groups! Also stay tuned for MATILDA's video greeting that will be uploaded soon on our official youtube channel!

Check out MATILDA's debut song 'Macarena' music video below!

Matilda 1st Single Macarena Official MV

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