Monday, April 18, 2016

Jessica, 'May comeback is correct... Making final preparations and deciding on a date."

Jessica confirmed to release her first solo album and coming back as solo singer in May!

Jessica's representative has told OSEN on the 18th, "May comeback is correct, the exact date has not been confirmed, but we are making final preparations for a May comeback. The album and MV have been recorded and filmed."

Jessica's comeback is her first promotion after leaving SNSD, so many fans are waiting. She is gaining anticipation for what kind of music and performance she would bring as a solo artist.

Jessica left SNSD in October 2014 and has been working as the CEO of her fashion brand in both Korea and China. She has also been working as the MC of the show 'Beauty Bible' as well.

Source: OSEN
translated by: @dokyuls
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