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Rookie girl group 1NB talks about their concept, answer fans' questions and more in an interview with Girl Group Zone

1NB is a rookie girl group under Trivus Entertainment. They made their debut on November 29, 2017 with first digital single "Stalker".

Check out our first interview in 2018 with 1NB below!

Q. Hi 1NB! This is our first meeting, please introduce the group and the members :)

Hello, We are 1NB meaning of One, New, Best and One and beautiful. We are 5 members k-pop girl group. The leader of 1NB is Shinhye who is the member in charge of sexiness of 1NB. Jayeon has a white skin and her eyes are attractive^^.

Q. First of all, congratulation on your winter single release 'Once Again, Winter' last month & successful 'Where U At' promotions! Can you please tell us the story behind the songs?

‘Winter, Again’ is a song that gives a feeling of being in a magical castle through a dreamy melody. It is a good song to listen to in winter with beautiful piano sounds. The music video of ‘Winter, Again’ received a lot of attention because Hajeong played double roles. Our title song ‘Where U at’ is a song that expresses the wounds of a woman. And the music video shows the man who betrayed and the two women who revenge. We got lot of interest because the MV was a VERY horrible horror movie.

Q. What were the first impression of each other for the first time?

Hajeong looked like a snow white princess. She majored in ballet, so she had a good looking attitude and a purity image. But since we become more friendly than before, she showed us the charm of antiwar. We let you imagine what charm it is.

Juyeon looked very young. When we first met her, we already know that she is older than us, but she looked very young. And her white skin was shining. She is really nice and pure but she has a high maintenance style. This seems to be her charm.

Leeda looked cool, but she was playful.

Shinhye looks stunning and cool, and we were surprised that her personality also

Q. What concept you want to try next? And which member you think suit the most with that concept? 

We got a modifier called Horror Sexy idol from our fans, so we want to find them in a unique way that other groups could not easily do. Because the five members have different personalities we want to show each of the five different personalities (but suited to one concept) to our fans.

Q. Who is your model? Is she/he inspired you to become an idol?

Shinhye’s role model is Hyolyn. I kept dreaming of the singer after watching her. Her dances and songs all overwhelm the stage. Jayeon’s role model is Gain. Because she shows a great performance with her distinct personality on stage.
Hajeong likes IU because she want to have the power coming from small body like her.
Leeda likes Krystal. She feel that Krystal’s attitude at both the stage and the outside of the stage are professional. Sojung’s role model is Uhm Junghwa called Korea's Madonna.

 Q. What song you listening the most recently?

Hajeong and Sojung twins enjoy the song ‘Missing You(그리워하다)-BtoB’ nowadays, Jayeon and Shinhye likes all KARD’s songs. Leeda mainly listens to the music of the ballad genre.
Ah! We always have a song to listen to before practice. It is Amor Fati singed by Kim Yeon Ja.
There is a strong beat and it is very exciting music. Please listen it once! And you can feel the emotion of Korea.

Q. Which country you want to visit the most? And why?

We heard we have a lot of overseas fans. Especially when we released our first album’Stalker’, it was too marvelous and amazing to have 1NB Brazil fan account on Twitter. We really want to go to Brazil. Jayeon has a friend in the Brazilian boy band Champs and she miss the member of Champs and her friend!

Q.  So many fans are showing their interest for the twins Hajung & Sojung, can we expect a sub-unit or special release from them?

We do not know yet, but if we get the chance, we want to show special release.

Q. Do you have plans to write or produce your on music? Any artist you'd like to work with?

Jayeon wrote the lyrics ‘ A Gloomy Spring(우울한가봄)’. And Jayeon worked ‘Winter,again’ with ‘Two in the Moring(새벽두시)’ who is a singer-songwriter and it was a very significant time.
If all the other members have a chance, we would like to participate in composition or writing lyrics.

Q. Does any of the members have a special hidden talents?

Hajeong and Shinhye majored in Ballet and Modern dance, so they can show different performances. Other members also want to show their composing, writing, and rapping.
Q. Any group or member of the group you are close or want to close with?

We are still a rookie, and we have not gotten close to other idols T.T
We want to communicate a lot with other idol friends while doing many broadcasting activities as soon as possible.

Q. Which variety shows you want to appear on? Running Man, Knowing Brothers or else?

Jayeon want to appear in a music program called ‘Yu Hee-Yeol's Sketchbook’. And Twins want to appear in ‘Running Man’, Leeda want to participate in ‘New journey to the west’, Shinhye want to appear in beauty related entertainment program.
Each member's personality is distinct and different, but if you call any program, we will be very eager to work hard : ) !!

Q. What do you think you'd be doing if you weren't an idol?

I think Sojung is a flight attendant because she was preparing become a stewardess before debut. And maybe Hajeong went to the ballet company because she majored in ballet.

Shinhye had worked as yoga instructor and Model. Jayeon is.. maybe,, an acoustic singer? Haha. If Leeda had not made her debut, she would have been an office worker maybe.

In fact, we were satisfied with our present because we had the biggest dream of idols.

Q. What do you like to do in your free time?

Jayeon enjoys reading. Nowadays she is reading self-developed books.
Ha Jeong likes to watch drama, and like ‘A Korean Odyssey(화유기)’ the best. 
Shinhye likes to decorate diary. She is having fun in decorating and writing a new diary in the new year.

Q.  What is your Biggest goal in 2018? As a group and individually

If we announce the birth of 1NB in 2017, we want to go closer the public with a clear 1NB’s personality in 2018. We also hope that our music to be widespread everywhere and want to be a popular group.

Q. Last, please leave a message to your overseas fans! :)

Thank you so much for bringing a lot of attention to us. We are very very grateful and amazing. 

We wish we could have a chance to see you directly face to face in the future. Thank you so much for loving 1NB. We will show you more and more sides in interesting ways.

That was our interview with 1NB. Hope you enjoy it and keep staying with us for more interview and new about your favorite girl groups.

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