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NeonPunch talks about debut single 'Moonlight', answer fans' questions and more in an interview with Girl Group Zone

We're back again with another exclusive interview! This time we had a chance to meet rookie girl group NeonPunch who made their debut in June with first single 'Moonlight'.

NeonPunch is the first girl group from A100 Entertainment consisting of 5 member Da Yeon, Terry, Baek Ah, May and Iaan. Let's getting know more about them by checking NeonPunch's exclusive interview with Girl Group Zone below!

Q. Hi NeonPunch, this is our first time meeting you guys please introduce yourself :) 

NeonPunch: Hi, We are NeonPunch, and we just made our debut 2 months ago. So glad to have this interview with Girl Group Zone :)

Q. First of all, congratulations for your debut! How do you feel about it?

NeonPunch: We are so glad to have our fans all over the world. It was an amazing experience to us. Love every all of them and feel responsible for them.

Q. Any dificulties while preparing your debut?

NeonPunch: Maybe most of the trainees have the same dificulties with diet, competitive spirit, and anxiety about our future. But we all went through well :)

Q. What was your reaction after heard the title track 'Moonlight' for the first time? Do you like it?

NeonPunch: At first, we were not quite sure about our title song 'Moonlight' but it's an very addictive song.

Q. Despite being a new group, NeonPunch are promoting in Korea, China and Japan, how do you feel about it?

DA YEON - I was really thankful because it's not easy to promote in other countries.
 TERRY - I think it was quite an important part of the promoting to let others know about us.  
 BAEK AH - I was so glad to have overseas fans by promoting in other countries, and also I was really excited because it was my first time going abroad.
 MAY - It was my first time going abroad, so I was a little bit nervous but fun too. I would like to promote more in other countries as well.
 IAAN - I was really thankful to succesfully debut in other countries and I hope we become more famous all around the world.

Q. Which country do you want to visit the most? and why?

DA YEON - I love every country. But I want to go to Japan again. Japan has so many delicious food.
 TERRY - I've lived in Japan before, so I like Japan the most. But also want to go to LA if I have any chances.
 BAEK AH - Australia. In the past, Australian friend lived with my family for few years, so if I go to Australia, I feel like she will taking good care of NeonPunch members and make us have a fun time there.
 MAY - Japan! Because so many people around me told me that Japan is so good.
 IAAN - America. America became my dream country after I read a book about America when I was young. 

Q.  if you had to swap positions with any other member, who would you swap with? or do you want to try another member's line in 'Moonlight'?

 DA YEON - Iaan! Because I'm the oldest of our member, so I wonder how Iaan lives as the youngest member.
 TERRY - Baek Ah! Because she has taken the only twist point part. But that part fits perfectly on her. 
 BAEK AH - Terry! Because I think her part is the killing part of our song just before the climax.
 MAY - Da yeon. Because I like her singing part. It sounds so good to me. 
 IAAN - May! Her first part on 'Moonlight' sounds so good and also the choreography is pretty.

Q. Who takes longer time to learn the choreo and who learns faster?

DA YEON - I think Iaan is the fastest and others are quite similar including me.
 TERRY - I think Baek Ah and Da yeon learns fast and Iaan takes longer time but she's the most meticulous. That's why Iaan has the title 'Dancing Machine'!
 BAEK AH - I think Terry is the fastest. 
 MAY - I think I'm the slowest. I should practice more. Others do all well.
 IAAN - Baek Ah is the fastest I think. 

Q.  If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

DA YEON - That's a tough question. I will just choose what I want to eat it now. It's pork belly.
  TERRY - I will choose rice cake. It's the only carbohydrate that I eat.
  BAEK AH - Beans! Because I love beans. My mom used to steam only beans in rice cooker. I will marry beans.
  MAY - Bibimbap(korean food)! It has various materials in it so maybe I can eat it forever.
  IAAN - Spicy stir-fried pork with rice (korean food).

Q. Is there any favorite or memorable moment during MV shooting for Moonlight? I love the driving scene the most :D

NeonPunch:  When we did photoshoot individually, it was the most memorable moment. Every space was so pretty.

Q. What song you listen the most these days? or any song you'd like to recommend to your fans?

DA YEON - Yoon Jong Shin - Trace
 TETRRY - Yoon Jong Shin - A Weary Day
 BAEK AH - Osshun Gum - Come for you
 MAY - Bolbbalgan4 - To my youth
 IAAN - Rothy - Stars

Q. What concept you'd like to try next?

 DA YEON - I want something black. Something that has charisma.
 TERRY - Something dark but an attractive concept.
 BAEK AH - Dark concept with suit or wearing hanbok (Korean traditional clothes).
 MAY - Dark concept with nice mood.
 IAAN - Dark strong concept.

Q.  Who is your role model? is she/he inspired you to become an idol?

DA YEON - I can't just choose one but if I have to, I will choose 'IU'. She is so talented with everything. I want to be like her.
 TERRY - SNSD's Taeyeon! She was the most influential person when I've learned how to sing for the first time.
 BAEK AH - Lee Hyo Ri. She is good at everything, and I love her charisma.
 MAY - Sunmi. I love her expression and natural gesture on the stage. I respect her and wanna be like her.
 IAAN - HyunA. I think she is a very talented person and so attractive.

Q. Which variety show you want to appear on?

DA YEON - Running Man, Knowing Brothers.
TERRY - Running Man, Knowing Brothers.
BAEK AH - Running Man, Law of the Jungle.
MAY - Knowing Brothers. So my style. 
IAAN - Mukbang eating show, Knowing Brothers, Running Man

Q. NeonPunch's biggest goal this year?

NeonPunch: Becoming more famous all over the world. Being loved by our fans. 

Q. if you were stranded on an island and you could only bring one member, who would it be?

DA YEON - Baek Ah! I think she is good at fishing
 TERRY - May! It's so fun when I'm with her. I won't get bored.
 BAEK AH - May. I think it will be fun when I'm with her.
 MAY - Baek ah! Because she always takes good care of me.
 IAAN -  Da yeon. Because she is the leader of NeonPunch.

Q. Any group or member of the group that you are close or want to close with?

 DA YEON - Not yet.
  TERRY - GFRIEND's Yuju. We are friends since childhood.
  BAEK AH - ELRIS' Hyeseong and Bella, H.U.B's Rui, also Cocosori's Sori. We are friends. I wanna contact them everyday if I have a cellphone.
  MAY - Girls' Alert's Saetbyeol. We are students in the same high school.
  IAAN - GWSN's Lena

Q. What is your special talent or secret that fans didn't know before?

DA YEON - I have a bad memory.
  TERRY - I'm good at petty tricks and I don't like games.
  BAEK AH - I don't like shopping. I like tearing paper. I have no interest in fragrance and good at reading lyrics like a poem.
  MAY - I know 3 secs before my stomach rumbles.
  IAAN - I'm good at push-up.

Q. What hair color that you want to try in the future?

DA YEON - Black. I've never done it before.
  TERRY - Black.
  BAEK AH - Black.
  MAY - Blonde with bobbed hair.
  IAAN -  Rainbow color.

Q.  Last, please leave a message to your overseas fans! :)

NeonPunch: We love you so much, miss you so much, wanna see you so much! Please remember us and love us more. We will do our best so you guys won't be disappointed.

That was our interview with NeonPunch, hope you guys enjoy it and stay tuned for more interview. Thank you!



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