Thursday, June 4, 2015

SISTAR Attends Coca Cola's MATE Tea Event

On June 4th, SISTAR attends the event of Coca Cola's MATE Tea with title 'SISTAR Mate Body Showtime' at Seoul Journal Hall.

Last summer, Mate Tea has been appointed SISTAR's Hyolyn as the model of their brand. Following Hyolyn, this year Mate Tea also appointed the 3 members of SISTAR as their models. So SISTAR promoted the brand as a full group now.

Mate Tea are made from the South American yerba mate plant. Most yerba mate comes from Argentina. The mate produced in Latin America, is a famous primarily as drinking water in Argentina and Brazil.

Coca Cola representative stated earlier this year, "SISTAR is known for their healthy, positive, bright, energy and ahead of the start of summer they have become the models for the brand. They will each show their 4 different colors."

See more photos below!

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