Wednesday, September 9, 2015

GFRIEND responds after their latest slippery performance goes viral

GFRIEND have been filmed slipping over one-by-one during a concert in Seoul.

On September 5th, GFRIEND was performing at SBS PowerFM public broadcast in Inje, Gangwon-do. The members one-by-one falling 8 times while performing 'Me Gustas Tu' due to slippery stage caused by rain. One of the member Yuju fell down 5 times but always get up like nothing happened and continue the performance until the end.

The fancam of GFRIEND's performance led to a big topic in the foreign press such as US Time Magazine, Billboard, UK Daily Mail and more.

On September 9th GFRIEND told isplus, "That day it was raining a lot and so many members who fell during performing. We talk to each other after that."

After that they responds to the video, "We did our best for the audience there. Any singer would have been hard to do so, thank you for your interest." they said.

They added, "Now we feels bewildered. Thank you for worrying us. We will working harder in the future.

Check out the video of GFRIEND's performance below!

150905 GFRIEND - Me Gustas Tu @ SBS PowerFM Public Broadcast

Source: isplus
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