Saturday, June 13, 2015

CLC shows different charms for THE STAR

On June 13th, THE STAR unveiled the full pictorial and interview with CLC for June issue.

CLC the rookie group with 5 members, recently revealed they want to be a group that loved by many people forever just like denim. Each members revealed their style for summer looks in the interview with THE STAR magazine.

Yoojin, "I like to wear feminine denim look by matching the summer thin knit denim. Also adding a cool straw hat and transformed into a romantic vacation look. Just like a denim, I'll show you more attractive charm in the future.

Seunghee, "Eyelet blouse with denim and t-shirt make a good romantic casual look. I'll match any item if the item is nice and it reminds me of CLC's members, because we performed as a group with 5 different talents."

Yeeun, "I enjoyed the summer wearing ripped jeans or short with a white t-shirt. I like the simple yet beautiful style that can be seen. Sometimes cute, sometimes mature while wearing denim seems to resemble my appearance with a variety of attractions."

Sorn, "I match the short cropped t-shirt in high-waisted denim. Match the look with denim jacket is also cool. Just like denim, CLC also want to be loved by many peoples forever as a group."

Seungyeon, "I always love summer. I try to complete the summer look with denim hot pants. Anywhere, anytime I can feel the bold energy. My own secret weapon to create any style nicely make a confidence grows."

See more photos below!

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