Saturday, November 17, 2018

Pink Fantasy talks about behind the scene of 'Iriwa' MV, fandom name, and answers fans' questions in an interview with Girl Group Zone

The wait is over! Finally our exclusive interview with rookie girl group PinkFantasy is here!

Pink Fantasy is an 8-member girl group consisting of Aini, SeeA, Heesun, Yechan, Arang, Yubin, Harin, and Daewang. They are under My Doll Entertainment who debuted on October 24th with 'Iriwa'. Check out their interview below.

Q.  Hi, Pink Fantasy this is our first time meeting you guys, please introduce the group and the members :)

Pink Fantasy: Hello everyone! We are Pink Fantasy.
Our members have various ages, from the youngest Heesun born in 2005 to Aini born in 1991.

Q.  First of all congratulations for your debut with 'Iriwa', how do you feel worked with Super Junior's Shindong for this debut track?
Pink Fantasy: Shindong is a member of Super Junior, the mainstream of Korean wave. It was an honor to worked with him and we were very grateful.

Q. What was your favorite or memorable moments while filming 'Iriwa' music video?
Pink Fantasy: During the music video shooting, huge lighting equipment fallen on to studio also drone camera could not found their signal so crushed on to the ground, these accidents might be good signs to our future career.

Q. How does it feels to be part of the group and receive support from fans? :)
Pink Fantasy: It was fun and interesting. Nobody expected fans' support. This is very grateful now. I think we should do much more best for them.

Q. What did you think about Pink Fantasy's concept?
Pink Fantasy: All members thought the concept are Creepy & Cute. Also, we love the concept.

Q.  So many fans asked this, please tell us more about Daewang, can we see her face someday?
Pink Fantasy: Daewang is the king of rabbit and you saw its face already.

Q. Describe yourself / your role in the group in three words :)
Daewang : Rabbit, creepy, dark
Aini : Heart Attack, leader, white
Seea : Pretty, cutie, sexy
Yeachan : Honey, gorgeous, serious
Yubin : Pocket, lovely, cutie
Harin : Vitamin, lovely, bright
Arang : Bubbly, confidence, caring
Heesun : Youngest, energetic, mood maker

Q. Do you guys have special / hidden talents?
Daewang : Poker Face
Aini : Talk with animals
Seea : Trot, vocal simulator
Yeachan :  Singing
Yubin : Dance
Harin : Lovely Face
Arang : Muay Thai
Heesun : Taekwondo

Q. What do you watch on Youtube? :D
Pink Fantasy: Pink Fantasy's 'Iriwa' dance cover (puhaha) .. and idol dance videos ! 😊

Q. Who is your model? Is she/he inspired you to become an Idols?
Pink Fantasy: Morning Musume from Japan ! 
We want to be an idol that gives a family-like atmosphere and happiness.

Q. Which country you want to visit the most? and why?
Daewang : Spain, seems like we have fans the most there!
Aini : Canada / Aurora full of night sky
Seea : A warm country, I like the sunshine.
Yeachan : America, I want to go to the biggest Disneyland.
Yubin : England, the streets are beautiful.
Harin : Venice Italy - I would like to board a water taxi.
Arang : Hong Kong, I want to see the night view from Victoria Peak.
Heesun : It seems to be fun just get on the airplane

Q. What other animal would you be if you're not bunnies?
Daewang : Perfect human
Aini : Rabbit
Seea : Cat
Yeachan : Dog(Heesun’s Sister)
Yubin : Bear
Harin : Squirrel
Arang : Snake
Heesun : Puppy

Q. What concept would you like to try for next comeback? or any specific genre of music that you want to try?
Pink Fantasy: We want to have different concepts every time. We don't have specific genre for this time. We will show you soon as surprise!

Q. If you had to eat just one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Daewang : Carrot
Aini : Fried Chicken
Seea : Beef bbq
Yeachan : Any Bread
Yubin : Ramen
Harin : Tteokbokki
Arang : Pork bbq
Heesun : Gummy Bear

Q. What is your current favorite song or song you listened the most these days?
Daewang : Pink Fantasy - Iriwa
Aini : 에코(Eco) – 행복한나를(Happy Me)
Seea : Adele - Make You Feel My Love-
Yeachan : 폴킴(Paul Kim) – 비(Rain)
Yubin : 바닐라어쿠스틱(Vanilla Acoustic) – 지쳤니(Sigh)
Harin : 종현(Jonghyun) – 따뜻한겨울(Warm Winter)
Arang : 우원재(Woo Won Jae) – 시차(We Are)
Heesun : 케이윌(K.Will) – 내생에 아름다운(Beautiful Moment)

Q. Who is the mood maker in the group?
Pink Fantasy: The youngest Heesun is the mood maker!

Q. To all members, which variety show you want to appear on? Running Man, Knowing Brothers or other?
Pink Fantasy: If there is a chance to appear!!!!!
We want to go everywhere.

Q. PinkFantasy's biggest goal as a rookie group?
Pink Fantasy: We want to be on the top of the Billboard charts. (haha)

Q. To all members, do you have any ideas for a fandom name?
Pink Fantasy: We are having a name event at the fan café. We are expecting great name from the fan.

Q. Last, please leave a message to your international fans :)
Pink Fantasy: Thank you. We love you guys so much.
Please stay with us for a long time.

That was our interview with Pink Fantasy. Thank you for everyone who sent questions for the girls!


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