Saturday, May 14, 2016


All that planning, sweating, grinding, fighting, it’s finally turned into something that we are so incredibly proud of.  #TKC16 is a living, breathing thing that we nurtured and grew from humble beginnings as a little video dance party 4 years ago to the most unique, independently organized festival of it’s kind pretty much anywhere in the world.     

Check the all-updated FAQ’s, show rules and everything at

WHAT: A place to meet new friends and join one of the most exciting communities of music lovers anywhere!  It’s lit fam!
WHERE: Metro Toronto Convention Centre (North Building)
225 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

WHEN: Friday May 20:  Registration 1pm – 7pm (VIXX only / no daytime convention activities)
Saturday May 21: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday May 22: 10:00 am – 10 :00 pm

Fri May 20: VIXX (Doors open 6pm – show at 7pm) – Tickets on sale now!
Sat May 21: GFRIEND (Doors open 3pm – show at 4pm ) –
Sat: May 21  GOT7 (1st show) (Doors open 7:30pm – show at 8:30 pm) SOLD OUT
Sun: May 22 DAY6 (Doors open 3pm – show at 4pm)
Sun: May 22 GOT7 (2nd show) (Doors open 7:30pm – show at 8:30 pm) SOLD OUT

May 20-22 is when communities of Kpop fans from all over the world get together and meet up in real life to laugh, sing and scream on the bridge we built to Seoul. We have tons of incredible activities planned at the MTCC over the course of 3 days, with all content exclusive to #TKC16.
Join us for fascinating inside looks at the Kpop world with leading industry experts and insiders, or break the ice with someone who lives 3000 km away in our fun-filled games room & dance workshops. Shop relentlessly at Exhibition Hall which will be completely filled with merchandise vendors from all over North America, plus fan-art galleries and community / sponsor booths.
Rub elbows with celebs at the meet & greets, have a laugh or shed a quick tear at the Kdrama screenings, and have your mind blown completely by the 100+ performers on our exclusively patented star-making showcase, The  Canada Dream Stage!
Follow us and use the hashtag #TKC16
Twitter: @torontokpopcon
Facebook: event page
Instagram: @torontokpopcon
Email Inquiries:


Fri May 20: VIXX (Doors open 6pm – show at 7pm) –
Sat May 21: GFRIEND (Doors open 3pm – show at 4pm ) –
Sun: May 22 DAY6 (Doors open 3pm – show at 4pm)
GOT7 is finally sold out! Way to go!

PGTW VIP Memberships for 2016/2017 are on sale now! 
Full details at 
The current members built the event happening this weekend. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

I.O.I's 1 year promotion plans revealed, YMC 'Nothing is confirmed'

I.O.I has revealed their 1 year promotion plan. They will be promoting as a full group with 2 mini albums, and as a unit with 2 singles. 

Their individual companies have decided not to do anything about individual promotions as of now. For the 1 year, they plan to follow through with promotions under YMC Entertainment
There is already one company who is preparing a girl group.

After the news, YMC Entertainment gave their respond right away, "Nothing is confirmed for other promotions activity plan beside 1 mini album and 2 singles for the unit."

Meanwhile, I.O.I to officially make their debut on May 4th with 1st mini album, following with showcase and fanmeeting on May 5th.

Source: Isplus, 10Asia
translated by: @dokyuls

Jessica, 'May comeback is correct... Making final preparations and deciding on a date."

Jessica confirmed to release her first solo album and coming back as solo singer in May!

Jessica's representative has told OSEN on the 18th, "May comeback is correct, the exact date has not been confirmed, but we are making final preparations for a May comeback. The album and MV have been recorded and filmed."

Jessica's comeback is her first promotion after leaving SNSD, so many fans are waiting. She is gaining anticipation for what kind of music and performance she would bring as a solo artist.

Jessica left SNSD in October 2014 and has been working as the CEO of her fashion brand in both Korea and China. She has also been working as the MC of the show 'Beauty Bible' as well.

Source: OSEN
translated by: @dokyuls
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