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NeonPunch talks about debut single 'Moonlight', answer fans' questions and more in an interview with Girl Group Zone

We're back again with another exclusive interview! This time we had a chance to meet rookie girl group NeonPunch who made their debut in June with first single 'Moonlight'.

NeonPunch is the first girl group from A100 Entertainment consisting of 5 member Da Yeon, Terry, Baek Ah, May and Iaan. Let's getting know more about them by checking NeonPunch's exclusive interview with Girl Group Zone below!

Q. Hi NeonPunch, this is our first time meeting you guys please introduce yourself :) 

NeonPunch: Hi, We are NeonPunch, and we just made our debut 2 months ago. So glad to have this interview with Girl Group Zone :)

Q. First of all, congratulations for your debut! How do you feel about it?

NeonPunch: We are so glad to have our fans all over the world. It was an amazing experience to us. Love every all of them and feel responsible for them.

Q. Any dificulties while preparing your debut?

NeonPunch: Maybe most of the trainees have the same dificulties with diet, competitive spirit, and anxiety about our future. But we all went through well :)

Q. What was your reaction after heard the title track 'Moonlight' for the first time? Do you like it?

NeonPunch: At first, we were not quite sure about our title song 'Moonlight' but it's an very addictive song.

Q. Despite being a new group, NeonPunch are promoting in Korea, China and Japan, how do you feel about it?

DA YEON - I was really thankful because it's not easy to promote in other countries.
 TERRY - I think it was quite an important part of the promoting to let others know about us.  
 BAEK AH - I was so glad to have overseas fans by promoting in other countries, and also I was really excited because it was my first time going abroad.
 MAY - It was my first time going abroad, so I was a little bit nervous but fun too. I would like to promote more in other countries as well.
 IAAN - I was really thankful to succesfully debut in other countries and I hope we become more famous all around the world.

Q. Which country do you want to visit the most? and why?

DA YEON - I love every country. But I want to go to Japan again. Japan has so many delicious food.
 TERRY - I've lived in Japan before, so I like Japan the most. But also want to go to LA if I have any chances.
 BAEK AH - Australia. In the past, Australian friend lived with my family for few years, so if I go to Australia, I feel like she will taking good care of NeonPunch members and make us have a fun time there.
 MAY - Japan! Because so many people around me told me that Japan is so good.
 IAAN - America. America became my dream country after I read a book about America when I was young. 

Q.  if you had to swap positions with any other member, who would you swap with? or do you want to try another member's line in 'Moonlight'?

 DA YEON - Iaan! Because I'm the oldest of our member, so I wonder how Iaan lives as the youngest member.
 TERRY - Baek Ah! Because she has taken the only twist point part. But that part fits perfectly on her. 
 BAEK AH - Terry! Because I think her part is the killing part of our song just before the climax.
 MAY - Da yeon. Because I like her singing part. It sounds so good to me. 
 IAAN - May! Her first part on 'Moonlight' sounds so good and also the choreography is pretty.

Q. Who takes longer time to learn the choreo and who learns faster?

DA YEON - I think Iaan is the fastest and others are quite similar including me.
 TERRY - I think Baek Ah and Da yeon learns fast and Iaan takes longer time but she's the most meticulous. That's why Iaan has the title 'Dancing Machine'!
 BAEK AH - I think Terry is the fastest. 
 MAY - I think I'm the slowest. I should practice more. Others do all well.
 IAAN - Baek Ah is the fastest I think. 

Q.  If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

DA YEON - That's a tough question. I will just choose what I want to eat it now. It's pork belly.
  TERRY - I will choose rice cake. It's the only carbohydrate that I eat.
  BAEK AH - Beans! Because I love beans. My mom used to steam only beans in rice cooker. I will marry beans.
  MAY - Bibimbap(korean food)! It has various materials in it so maybe I can eat it forever.
  IAAN - Spicy stir-fried pork with rice (korean food).

Q. Is there any favorite or memorable moment during MV shooting for Moonlight? I love the driving scene the most :D

NeonPunch:  When we did photoshoot individually, it was the most memorable moment. Every space was so pretty.

Q. What song you listen the most these days? or any song you'd like to recommend to your fans?

DA YEON - Yoon Jong Shin - Trace
 TETRRY - Yoon Jong Shin - A Weary Day
 BAEK AH - Osshun Gum - Come for you
 MAY - Bolbbalgan4 - To my youth
 IAAN - Rothy - Stars

Q. What concept you'd like to try next?

 DA YEON - I want something black. Something that has charisma.
 TERRY - Something dark but an attractive concept.
 BAEK AH - Dark concept with suit or wearing hanbok (Korean traditional clothes).
 MAY - Dark concept with nice mood.
 IAAN - Dark strong concept.

Q.  Who is your role model? is she/he inspired you to become an idol?

DA YEON - I can't just choose one but if I have to, I will choose 'IU'. She is so talented with everything. I want to be like her.
 TERRY - SNSD's Taeyeon! She was the most influential person when I've learned how to sing for the first time.
 BAEK AH - Lee Hyo Ri. She is good at everything, and I love her charisma.
 MAY - Sunmi. I love her expression and natural gesture on the stage. I respect her and wanna be like her.
 IAAN - HyunA. I think she is a very talented person and so attractive.

Q. Which variety show you want to appear on?

DA YEON - Running Man, Knowing Brothers.
TERRY - Running Man, Knowing Brothers.
BAEK AH - Running Man, Law of the Jungle.
MAY - Knowing Brothers. So my style. 
IAAN - Mukbang eating show, Knowing Brothers, Running Man

Q. NeonPunch's biggest goal this year?

NeonPunch: Becoming more famous all over the world. Being loved by our fans. 

Q. if you were stranded on an island and you could only bring one member, who would it be?

DA YEON - Baek Ah! I think she is good at fishing
 TERRY - May! It's so fun when I'm with her. I won't get bored.
 BAEK AH - May. I think it will be fun when I'm with her.
 MAY - Baek ah! Because she always takes good care of me.
 IAAN -  Da yeon. Because she is the leader of NeonPunch.

Q. Any group or member of the group that you are close or want to close with?

 DA YEON - Not yet.
  TERRY - GFRIEND's Yuju. We are friends since childhood.
  BAEK AH - ELRIS' Hyeseong and Bella, H.U.B's Rui, also Cocosori's Sori. We are friends. I wanna contact them everyday if I have a cellphone.
  MAY - Girls' Alert's Saetbyeol. We are students in the same high school.
  IAAN - GWSN's Lena

Q. What is your special talent or secret that fans didn't know before?

DA YEON - I have a bad memory.
  TERRY - I'm good at petty tricks and I don't like games.
  BAEK AH - I don't like shopping. I like tearing paper. I have no interest in fragrance and good at reading lyrics like a poem.
  MAY - I know 3 secs before my stomach rumbles.
  IAAN - I'm good at push-up.

Q. What hair color that you want to try in the future?

DA YEON - Black. I've never done it before.
  TERRY - Black.
  BAEK AH - Black.
  MAY - Blonde with bobbed hair.
  IAAN -  Rainbow color.

Q.  Last, please leave a message to your overseas fans! :)

NeonPunch: We love you so much, miss you so much, wanna see you so much! Please remember us and love us more. We will do our best so you guys won't be disappointed.

That was our interview with NeonPunch, hope you guys enjoy it and stay tuned for more interview. Thank you!



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[EXCLUSIVE] Favorite talks about their new song 'Where are you from?', answer fans' questions and more in an interview with Girl Group Zone!

Finally Girl Group Zone back again with a new interview after 4 months! This time we meet Favorite for an exclusive interview talking about their comeback and more. Check out their interview with us below!

Favorite is a 6-member group under Astory Entertainment debuted on July 6, 2017. The members consist of Gaeul, Saebom, Seoyeon, Sugyeong, Jeonghee and Ahra.

Q. Hi Favorite, this is our first meeting please introduce your group and the members! :)

Favorite: You’re my Favourite ! Hello we are Favorite.

Hello I’m Favorite’s Saebom, and I have a voice that’s warm like Spring.
Hello I’m Favorite’s silly Seoyeon, dreaming of the next commercial top star.
Hello I’m Favorite’s Idea bank, Gaeul.
Hello I’m Favorite’s energizer, Sugyeong.
Hello I’m Favorite’s Jeonghee, with eyes like a deer.
Hello I’m Favorite’s Ahra, with pro reaction skills.

Q. First of all, congratulations for your comeback with 'Where are you from?'! How do you feel about it?

Favorite Thank you so much!! We’re so excited and happy to be back in 9 months !! We tried our best preparing the album so we hope you all enjoy it.

Q. Any difficulties or special training while preparing your comeback? 

Favorite Unlike our first album, this album is full of our lovely and cute parts, so we tried to hide the chic side by practicing cute facial expressions.

Q. What was your reaction after heard the title track for the first time? Do you like it?

Favorite After we heard the song, we thought the chorus was a little boring. But after we repetitively listened to it, it was very catchy and it went well with our concept. So we thought “wow, this is it!”

Q. What is your favorite song in 'Love Loves To Love Love'? Mine is 'Liar' :)

Saebom: My favorite song is ‘Heart Signal.’ Maybe because I love the show ‘Heart Signal.”
Seoyeon: My favorite is ‘Liar’ ! I like the melody and it goes really well with our voices.
Gaeul: My favorite is ‘Heart Signal,’ because I made the choreography.
Sukyung: I like ‘Liar.’ it makes me feel calm.
Jeonghee: I like ‘Liar’ the best out of the four songs.
Ahra: I like ‘Liar’ Because the melody is so pretty and I can listen to it whenever I want to.

Q. Any memorable moments during music video shooting?

FavoriteThe set was so pretty so we were all so amazed. There was a neon sign that wrote 'Favorite’ and it made us want to bring it home.

Q. What concept do you want to try next? And which member you think suits the most with that concept?

Saebom: I have this enthusiasm towards girl crush. I want to try out a girl crush concept. I think Gaeul will be the best at it.

Sugyeong: I want to try a concept like Dream Catcher. I feel like I’ll suit the most.

Gaeul: I want to try Red Velvet’s ‘Bad Boy’ concept. I think Saebom will look very good.

Sugyeong: I want to try something free, like Mamamoo’s ‘Starry Night’ where it has a good feel to it but still looks ‘free’. I think I’ll look the best through that concept!

Jeonghee: I want to try something calm next time. Sugyeong can take out the chic and bright side of herself so I think she would look very good. 
Ahra: I want to try Red Velvet’s ‘Bad Boy’ concept as well. We all have a chic side so we all will look good.

Q. To all members, Who is your role model? Is she/he inspired you to become an idol?

Saebom: My role model is Taeyeon from SNSD. I used to sing her song ‘If’ while dreaming to become a singer.
Seoyeon: Stephanie was my role model. I watched her dance on a tv show and that made me want to be like her.
Gaeul: My role model is Hyuna. I watched how she rules the stage and so I wanted to be like her.
Sugyeong: My role model is SNSD and Mamamoo. I wanted to become like SNSD ever since I was young. That’s how I grew my dream of becoming an idol singer. Mamamoo has great manners and sense on stage, and I think that’s amazing.
Jeonghee: Eunji from Apink. I love her voice and also how she’s a great actress.
Ahra: Suzy from Miss A. Not only as an idol, but she can act, and also be on commercials. I want to be like her.

Q. Do the members live together in a dorm? If yes, who is your roommate?

FavoriteWe do live together, but it’s a one room so we’re all roommates.

Q. Who is the mood maker in the group? 

Favorite: It’s Ahra. She has so much reaction!

Q. Which variety show you want to appear on?

Saebom: ‘Omniscient!’  I want to be like Ms. Lee Young Ja, and show people our favorite place to eat. I also want to show people how funny our manager is.
Seoyeon: I want to be on ‘Happy Together.’ I watched it ever since I was young. So I wanted to be on it.
Gaeul: I want to be on ‘Salty Tour.’ I like traveling, so I want to travel and also learn to save money. Please call me ~
Sugyeong: I want to be on ‘Idol Room.’ It’s a new show, so we want to help them find their concept.
Jeonghee: I want to be on ‘Omniscient.’
Ahra: I want to be on ‘Knowing Brother’ because Kim Young Chul came to me a while ago at a schedule and said hi to me. I was very thankful.

Q. So Favorite have been on many survival programs such as K-Pop Star, Produce 101 and MIXNINE, What are your thoughts and feelings being part of those shows?

Seoyeon: I was on Mixnine, and it was tiring to stay awake all night to practice. It was hard at first but as time went by, I got used to it and saw myself improving.
Gaeul: I was on Produce 101 before my debut, and it was tough because I didn’t know anything. But I got to make lots of friends and learned a lot so it’s my most memorable program.
Junghee: It was hard to practice with people I just met, but I got better and I became thankful for my members.
Ahra: Through Kpopstar, I learned a lot for my vocal skills from the three judges. In Mixnine, it was hard because we had to make things to perform, but still that surely helped me improve. Both shows were all important.

Q. What song you listen the most these days?

Saebom: I listen to (G) Idle’s Latata. It’s very catchy!
Seoyeon: I listen to our song ‘Liar.’ It’s very like my style, and I keep wanting to listen to it.
Gaeul: I listen to Dream Catcher’s  ‘You and I.’
Sugyeong: I listen to Gary Moore - ‘Walking By Myself.’ I like the blues genre.
Junghee: It’s Stray kids’ - 4419.
Ahra: Chawoo’s ‘I Miss You.’ I want to keep the song to myself, but it’s so calm and relaxing that I’ll recommend it for you!

Q.  If you have a chance to go overseas, which country your want to visit the most? and why?

Saebom: Brazil and Turkey! Whenever we do V lives, we have comments from Brazil and Turkey. I want to go meet my fans there!
Seoyeon: I want to go to Cebu. Ive never been to a vacation spot, so if I get time, I want to go have some healing time in Cebu.
Gaeul: I want to go to Portugal.
Sugyeong: I want to go to Japan. I love ramen, so I want to have ramen there!
Jeonghee: Japan! Kpop is very popular there, so I want to open a concert in Japan.
Ahra: I want to visit Indonesia. Whenever we do V app, we have lots of foreign fans but we have many Indonesian fans. We promised them we would visit so I want to keep my promise.

Q. To all members, Any group or member of the group you are close or want to close with?

Saebom: I want to be close with Jisoo from Blackpink. She’s very cute so I want to talk to her.
Seoyeon: I want to be close with Blackpink’s Jennie. I thought she was very cute and pretty and lovely, but when I saw her onstage, she has a girl crush side as well.
Gaeul: I want to become close with Dream Catcher.
Sukyeong: I want to become close with Gfriend’s Sin B. She’s very funny and it feels like we share the same gag chord.
Jeonghee: I’m close with Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon, Dami, BerryGood’s Daye, ELRI’ Bella. Hyeseong and LOONA’s Hyunjin and Heejin.
Ahra: Because of Kpopstar and Mixnine, I’m close with all the members of ELRIS. Also I go to the same school as UNB’s Kijoong and ELRIS’ Karin.

Q. To all members, If you weren't an idol, what do you think you'd be doing?

Saebom: If I weren’t to be an idol, I would’ve been a pharmacist like my mother. I always thought that she was cool and that it was a very good thing to do.

Seoyeon: Probably a stewardess. I like learning new languages, and I think I’m good with service. I was interested in the job ever since I was young.

Gaeul: I would’ve studied art and become a stylist or a fashion designer. I love Clothing!

Sugyeong: Probably a dancer or a trainer at a music agency.

Jeonghee: Anything related to perfume!!

Ahra: I haven’t thought of anything other than an idol, but I do like children! So maybe a teacher..?

Q. How do you feel knowing that you have fans outside Korea?

Favorite: We’re very thankful for them cheering for us overseas. We hope to show them better work.

Q. If you had to swap position with any other member, who would you swap with?

Saebom: If I could change my position, Sukyeong! I want the best dancer position in Favorite.

Seoyeon: Probably Saebom or Ahra for their main vocal position. I like people who are good singers, and I think it’s very charming.

Gaeul: I want to change with Seoyeon because she’s she tallest member while I’m the shortest!

Sugyeong: Gaeul because I want to try dancing like her. We’re both in dance positions, but we have a different style. I want to dance in Gaeul’s style.

Jeonghee: Gaeul because she’s a very powerful dancer.

Ahra: I want to change with Saebom. I was always the youngest anywhere, so I want to try being the oldest.

Q. Do you have plans to write or produce your own music? Any artist you'd like to work with?

Sugyeong: I have lots of interest in producing and writing music. While we were resting in between our comeback, I was learning a lot. One day I’ll try to write and produce a song for Favorite.

Gaeul: If I get the chance, I want to try writing with Hyuna.

Jeonghee: If I get the time then yes, of course! I would be so happy if our members would go onstage with a self-produced song.

Q. What is Favorite goal in 2018?

Favorite: Being in the top 100 music chart, and successfully finishing our 2nd mini album so that we can make another album this year.

Q. Last, please leave a message to your overseas fans :)

Favorite: Thank you so much for supporting and loving us from all over. We want to see you guys for a long time through our performances! We will try our best. Please keep supporting and loving us! We love you ♥

That was our interview with Favorite, hope you guys enjoy it and stay tuned for more interview! Thank you!

Favorite 'Where are you from?' Music Video

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Rookie girl group 1NB talks about their concept, answer fans' questions and more in an interview with Girl Group Zone

1NB is a rookie girl group under Trivus Entertainment. They made their debut on November 29, 2017 with first digital single "Stalker".

Check out our first interview in 2018 with 1NB below!

Q. Hi 1NB! This is our first meeting, please introduce the group and the members :)

Hello, We are 1NB meaning of One, New, Best and One and beautiful. We are 5 members k-pop girl group. The leader of 1NB is Shinhye who is the member in charge of sexiness of 1NB. Jayeon has a white skin and her eyes are attractive^^.

Q. First of all, congratulation on your winter single release 'Once Again, Winter' last month & successful 'Where U At' promotions! Can you please tell us the story behind the songs?

‘Winter, Again’ is a song that gives a feeling of being in a magical castle through a dreamy melody. It is a good song to listen to in winter with beautiful piano sounds. The music video of ‘Winter, Again’ received a lot of attention because Hajeong played double roles. Our title song ‘Where U at’ is a song that expresses the wounds of a woman. And the music video shows the man who betrayed and the two women who revenge. We got lot of interest because the MV was a VERY horrible horror movie.

Q. What were the first impression of each other for the first time?

Hajeong looked like a snow white princess. She majored in ballet, so she had a good looking attitude and a purity image. But since we become more friendly than before, she showed us the charm of antiwar. We let you imagine what charm it is.

Juyeon looked very young. When we first met her, we already know that she is older than us, but she looked very young. And her white skin was shining. She is really nice and pure but she has a high maintenance style. This seems to be her charm.

Leeda looked cool, but she was playful.

Shinhye looks stunning and cool, and we were surprised that her personality also

Q. What concept you want to try next? And which member you think suit the most with that concept? 

We got a modifier called Horror Sexy idol from our fans, so we want to find them in a unique way that other groups could not easily do. Because the five members have different personalities we want to show each of the five different personalities (but suited to one concept) to our fans.

Q. Who is your model? Is she/he inspired you to become an idol?

Shinhye’s role model is Hyolyn. I kept dreaming of the singer after watching her. Her dances and songs all overwhelm the stage. Jayeon’s role model is Gain. Because she shows a great performance with her distinct personality on stage.
Hajeong likes IU because she want to have the power coming from small body like her.
Leeda likes Krystal. She feel that Krystal’s attitude at both the stage and the outside of the stage are professional. Sojung’s role model is Uhm Junghwa called Korea's Madonna.

 Q. What song you listening the most recently?

Hajeong and Sojung twins enjoy the song ‘Missing You(그리워하다)-BtoB’ nowadays, Jayeon and Shinhye likes all KARD’s songs. Leeda mainly listens to the music of the ballad genre.
Ah! We always have a song to listen to before practice. It is Amor Fati singed by Kim Yeon Ja.
There is a strong beat and it is very exciting music. Please listen it once! And you can feel the emotion of Korea.

Q. Which country you want to visit the most? And why?

We heard we have a lot of overseas fans. Especially when we released our first album’Stalker’, it was too marvelous and amazing to have 1NB Brazil fan account on Twitter. We really want to go to Brazil. Jayeon has a friend in the Brazilian boy band Champs and she miss the member of Champs and her friend!

Q.  So many fans are showing their interest for the twins Hajung & Sojung, can we expect a sub-unit or special release from them?

We do not know yet, but if we get the chance, we want to show special release.

Q. Do you have plans to write or produce your on music? Any artist you'd like to work with?

Jayeon wrote the lyrics ‘ A Gloomy Spring(우울한가봄)’. And Jayeon worked ‘Winter,again’ with ‘Two in the Moring(새벽두시)’ who is a singer-songwriter and it was a very significant time.
If all the other members have a chance, we would like to participate in composition or writing lyrics.

Q. Does any of the members have a special hidden talents?

Hajeong and Shinhye majored in Ballet and Modern dance, so they can show different performances. Other members also want to show their composing, writing, and rapping.
Q. Any group or member of the group you are close or want to close with?

We are still a rookie, and we have not gotten close to other idols T.T
We want to communicate a lot with other idol friends while doing many broadcasting activities as soon as possible.

Q. Which variety shows you want to appear on? Running Man, Knowing Brothers or else?

Jayeon want to appear in a music program called ‘Yu Hee-Yeol's Sketchbook’. And Twins want to appear in ‘Running Man’, Leeda want to participate in ‘New journey to the west’, Shinhye want to appear in beauty related entertainment program.
Each member's personality is distinct and different, but if you call any program, we will be very eager to work hard : ) !!

Q. What do you think you'd be doing if you weren't an idol?

I think Sojung is a flight attendant because she was preparing become a stewardess before debut. And maybe Hajeong went to the ballet company because she majored in ballet.

Shinhye had worked as yoga instructor and Model. Jayeon is.. maybe,, an acoustic singer? Haha. If Leeda had not made her debut, she would have been an office worker maybe.

In fact, we were satisfied with our present because we had the biggest dream of idols.

Q. What do you like to do in your free time?

Jayeon enjoys reading. Nowadays she is reading self-developed books.
Ha Jeong likes to watch drama, and like ‘A Korean Odyssey(화유기)’ the best. 
Shinhye likes to decorate diary. She is having fun in decorating and writing a new diary in the new year.

Q.  What is your Biggest goal in 2018? As a group and individually

If we announce the birth of 1NB in 2017, we want to go closer the public with a clear 1NB’s personality in 2018. We also hope that our music to be widespread everywhere and want to be a popular group.

Q. Last, please leave a message to your overseas fans! :)

Thank you so much for bringing a lot of attention to us. We are very very grateful and amazing. 

We wish we could have a chance to see you directly face to face in the future. Thank you so much for loving 1NB. We will show you more and more sides in interesting ways.

That was our interview with 1NB. Hope you enjoy it and keep staying with us for more interview and new about your favorite girl groups.

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