Friday, June 12, 2015

Mnet is preparing a large-scale girl group debut project with 101 trainees!

On June 12th, Mnet to unfolds the 1 year debut project of rookie girl group.

According to the music industry official, Mnet is preparing in secret a large-scale girl group debut project with tentative title 'PRODUCE 101' in September.

Produce 101 is Korea's first multi-agency girl group project. The 101 trainees gathered from different company to compete each other and only 10 trainees which will be selected for the new group. However, trainee from a very large company such as YG and SM Entertainment have been excluded from the program.

The project is planned to take a place over appoximately 1 year. For the start, they will release debut single from the members and netizen will take a role as judges and pick one of their favorite tracks. In the other hand, while the members are chosen through Mnet activities, they can also be joined on another group that are formally planned by their agency.

In this state, Mnet side officials has been confirmed the innovative promotional for this girl group debut project.


On August 24th according to various parties, 'Produce 101' will begin to air right after 'Unpretty Rapstar 2' in the beginning of September.

Earlier they will pick 10 trainees which will be selected for the new group, but now it is reported that 11 trainees will be selected in the final selection.

The upcoming girl group from this project will go with the music genre, EDM. Crews from each companys are in the full swing preparing the trainees, such as profile shooting already began.

Stay tuned for more update!

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