Tuesday, June 16, 2015

MBK Entertainment unveiled the final 6 members for their rookie girl group

On June 16th, MBK Entertainment unveiled the final 6 members of their rookie girl group.

Jenny, Yebin, Chaeyeon, Eunjin, Cathy and Eunice determined as the confirmed members for the upcoming rookie girl group.

MBK Entertainment representative said, "In the meantine, after all the candidates revealed on public they attended the rough test. Dani, Seulgi & Minhyun are excluded from the final members selected and we're confirmed the final 6 members."

Before that, after MBK Entertainment announced the survival tv program for their rookie girl group selection then after a month they changed the strategy and decided will choose the final members through their own program and test.

The rookie girl group gained so much attention after a long selection and the members known for their great skills and appearances. Eunice known for her singing and dancing skill also fluent in Japanese. Chaeyeon made her debut with appearance on T-ARA's Eunjung solo MV 'I'm Good'. Jenny is a girl with excellent acting skill and innocent looks. Eunjin known for her great dancing skill. Yebin is a talented girl with charming voice and outstanding vocal skill. Last but not least, Cathy known for her charisma on the stage.

Out of the 6 confirmed members, the 7th member known to be undecided yet. The 7th member selection proceed near to the final. The agency said, "We still struggle to decide the final member of rookie girl group. Whether the 7-membered group or we will go with the 6-membered group."

The new group of MBK Entertainment is expected to officially make their debut in early August.

On June 29th, MBK Entertainment side revealed, "The group name was decided as 'DIA' stands for Diamond. The name means, the group will be the most noble and always receives glowing sparkles among gems like a diamond and love over the time."

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